Got Pumpkin Fever? Try This Pretty Pumpkin Centerpiece!

photo by Megan Poole

Feeling festive for fall? This adorable pumpkin centerpiece is the perfect addition to your autumn decor, and it smells yummy too! The canning ring pumpkin is so cute it won Country Living Magazine’s Pinterest Pumpkin Contest. With just a few affordable items, you can create this sweet little accent for your porch, table, or fall party.

What you’ll need:

photo by M. Poole
  • 21 canning rings
  • Spray paint (1-3 colors)
  • 8-12 inches of raffia
  • 12 inches of string or twine
  • 4 inches of burlap ribbon cut into a leaf shape (use any color leaf you like!)
  • 3 cinnamon sticks

Step 1: spray paint the rings

I used copper, old gold and silver, three rustic metallics that remind me of childhood trips to local orchards in the fall. You can use any colors you like. Rust, wine and orange are lovely traditional fall colors, while mint and ivory are perfect for a country chic feel. Bright or neon colors are a great idea if you’re doing this project with kids.

Step 2: thread and tie the rings

Decide what pattern you want your rings to follow and place them on your string or twine one by one. Make sure the rings are all facing the same direction. Be sure to tie the string nice and tight; this will keep the rings stable so they don’t lean on each other like falling dominoes. Clip off the hanging ends of the string, you don’t want them to show or hang out through the rings.

photo by M. Poole

 Step 3: adjust ring spacing

Now for the finishing touch; space the canning rings evenly apart to make your pumpkin nice and symmetrical.

photo by M. Poole

Step 4: place the cinnamon sticks and burlap leaf into the center of the pumpkin

It may take some pushing, but wedge those babies in there! Using the raffia, tie the burlap leaf to the cinnamon sticks. Wrap the raffia around them cinnamon stick stem and tie it in a knot or bow. Trim the ends of the raffia to make the strands a little more clean and even.

photo by M. Poole

There you have it: a gorgeous fall inspired focal point that’s small enough to fit almost anywhere and easy to store for next year. Seriously, how cute is this pumpkin?! See the original design here on Yellow Bliss Road!

photo by M. Poole




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