Wine Time! Introducing Sassy Meg’s Weekly Wine-Down


Welcome to Sassy Meg’s Weekly Wine-Down Challenge, where I drink wine FOR YOU! Yes, I love you so much that I’ll drink lots of wine just for you. In fact, I’m such a good friend that I am willing to sabotage my weight loss “progress” (insert eyeroll) and sacrifice my weekly snacks to taste wine on your behalf. You’re welcome. Ok, ok… you got me. I’d be drinking it anyway. Who am I kidding? With all the momming going on around here I’m bound to pour a glass or three in the evening after a long day of blowouts, tantrums, sink/toilet/bath water flooded bathrooms and sibling rivalry. But drinking wine with my Sassy Plum Mamas makes winding down way more fun!

The Challenge

My goal is to try a different bottle of wine each week and tell you guys about it. You’ll get the name, type, brand, description, where I purchased it and what I think about it. But this challenge isn’t just for me, I’d love for you guys to weigh in too! If you’ve tried my wine of the week before, tell me what you thought about it. And let me know if you have any suggestions or wines you love. If you decide to join me just remember to please, please drink responsibly.

Disclaimer: I am not a wine connoisseur, nor have I any background in wine tasting aside from a couple of festivals and that one hour class I took on my honeymoon. I’m just a mom who occasionally (read ‘daily’) winds down with a nice glass of wine in the evening. Besides, I read an article on by a wine insider who says the only thing that really matters is whether you like the wine you’re drinking, not all the fancy schmancy terms and tasting techniques. If that’s the case then I’m practically an expert. Also, I like pretty much every kind of wine, so don’t be surprised if I love everything we try.

This Week’s Lineup

To kick off the Weekly Wine-Down I’ll be trying four of the five varieties by Apothic . Yesterday morning I saw an enormous display of vino at my local Sprouts Market. The display featured four Apothic wines: Red, Dark, Crush, and White. It was Apothic Heaven. Apothic Red is one of my very favorites, so I’m excited to try the other three. I grabbed a bottle of each for this week’s challenge (plus two more because you save 10% when you buy six or more bottles *wink*). You can purchase Apothic wines at stores near you, including Target, Walgreens, Binny’s and Total Wine.

photo by M.Poole


Get ready for Thursdays!

Tomorrow will be our first Wine-Down Challenge, so get ready, grab a bottle of Apothic (or all of them!) and kick off your weekend with a little tasting of your own. You’ll understand that I needed a head start this week. Forgive me friends, but I’ve got four bottles to taste and I want to be able to write coherently during tomorrow’s tasting. Please know that I totally earned my glass(es) from last night and that I did NOT drink that entire bottle alone! *winky smiley-face*

Ok, see you tomorrow!





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