Sassy Plum’s Weekly Wine-Down: Apothic Wines


apothic wine
photo by M.Poole

Well hello there. Ready for wine? I thought so. Let’s do this.

It’s Thursday, and you know what that means… Yup! It’s Wine -Down time. This week’s challenge features four delicious variations by Apothic Wine.

Get Ready…

I’m ready to get to the vino, but if you’re a wine newby read these tasting tips before you get started. Here’s a little tip from me: try identifying flavors on your own first before checking the label, it makes the tasting more fun! I hope you’ll enjoy this week’s selections and maybe even find a new favorite.  Now grab those glasses my Sassy Sommeliers, it is time. Drink responsibly!

Apothic white wine
photo by M.Poole


The Wine

This week we are tasting four Apothic flavors: Red, White, Dark, and Crush.

#1: Apothic Red

I started with a fave of mine and the only one I’ve tasted until now: Apothic Red. Cherries and chocolate are the two flavors I always pick up on with Apothic Red. My goodness I enjoy this wine. I notice that the label mentions vanilla, and now that I know it’s there I can actually taste it. Red isn’t too dry, which turns some wine drinkers off– especially those who are newer to the vino life. As a newbie I might go with something a little less intense than Apothic Red at first, but it definitely won’t take long to work up to it. Red is a great accompaniment to dessert and your favorite guilty pleasure TV show. Trust me, Apothic Red and How to Get Away With Murder? Perfection.

#2. Apothic Dark

I’m going to stick with the reds, so Dark is second up. I can smell berries straight away and the aroma is deliciously rich. The taste of chocolate and the flavor of the berries is pretty easy to identify. I can’t quite catch it, but the label says that there’s coffee in here too. Apothic Dark is more on the dry side, which I don’t mind. I’d love to have this wine with a nice savory dinner.

#3: Apothic Crush

Crush is up next! I smell berries… Yes! Lots of luscious fruit in here. This one almost reminds me of sangria. I can taste a hint of chocolate, but perhaps my palette isn’t sensitive enough to pick up on the caramel that’s in there. Crush puts me in the mood for cold tapas, cured meats and olives. I think Crush would be a good choice for a red wine beginner, it’s a bit sweet and very smooth. This is a wine I could definitely enjoy regularly. It’s not overpowering, but it carries a nice long flavor. I am seriously digging Apothic Crush.

#4: Apothic White

I love a good crisp white on my patio on a warm evening, so I was really excited to try Apothic White. Maybe a little too excited, because I didn’t even pause to smell it first. I’ll come back to that part. White tastes really peachy and crisp, and there are some floral notes in there. The peaches definitely stand out. Makes me want to whip up a batch of my white peach sangria, but honestly I’m enjoying this glass of wine enough just as it is. I notice that the label mentions apricots so I’m trying to find that flavor as well, but I’m not trying so hard that I can’t enjoy what I do taste. Apothic White is an absolutely perfect summer wine, which is great for me because it still feels like summertime on the West coast! I can also see myself serving a bottle or two at a weekend brunch with my girlfriends.


That’s it for our first challenge! I thoroughly enjoyed this week’s selections, and I’ve even got a new favorite: Apothic Crush! What are your thoughts? Do you like any of the Apothic varieties? Leave your comments below and tell us what you think. All that’s left to do now is find some friends to come and help me finish all of this wine!

Next Thursday: Chateau Ste. Michelle’s Gewürtstraminer

Join me next Thursday for another Weekly Wine-Down Challenge, where our featured wine will be Chateau Ste. Michelle’s Gewürtstraminer (you’re gonna have to Google the pronunciation for that one). See you then!

Find Apothic Wines and Chateau Ste. Michelle at Binny’s, Target, Walgreen’s and Total Wine locations nationwide!



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