When Your Virtual Mom Group is Your Lifeline


Moms of the Underworld

I’ll let you in on a little secret. Did you know there are secret mom societies across the globe that make the world go round? Moms flock to them like white on rice, because they have become our virtual homes away from home, and we aren’t moving anytime soon. Here, we share our praises, lean each other during grief and spend the remainder of our days laughing hysterically at everything and nothing at all. We have written and unspoken rules that keep these secret sisterhoods thriving. Some groups stick around for years, creating a coveted mommy sorority that everyone wants to be a part of. When you find a good one, you don’t want to let it go. Sound familiar? My fellow mamas know what I’m talking about.

Mom groups aren’t going away anytime soon because they are virtual lifelines. I’ll let you in on a few more secrets as to why these secret communities thrive.

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10 Reasons Why Virtual Mommy Groups are Lifelines

  1. Someone is always awake. Mommies seem to be awake at weird hours of the night. Perhaps they are nursing an infant, or stealing a few moments of quiet-time. There is always someone around to answer your question, laugh at your joke, or lend you a word of encouragement.
  2. Advice is always on deck. In a jam, have a question, or need a plan to get your whole entire life together? We are here for it all! Not only will you feel encouraged, you will walk away with a strategic roadmap, a contingency plan, and a great wine recommendation for added motivation. Note: moms are thorough!
  3. Venting is always allowed. Need to rant, whine, or complain without feeling judged? We love and encourage a good old-fashioned vent! It’s therapeutic to relax, relate and release in a safe space. It’s our 24-hour, virtual mental check-in facility. Someone is always available to prescribe an ear!
  4. It’s a party you can always dip off to. Need to escape your hectic life for a minute? We are always here! If you are headed to work, on your lunch break, or standing in line at a store, you can always join the virtual party and steal a few quick laughs.
  5. We have the best hacks. Need a new quick recipe? Wonder how to get a wine stain out your carpet? There is always a mom that has been there, done that. We are a walking Mommypedia of information! My fellow moms respond faster than Google’s search button anyway because we are collective know-it-alls!
  6. We are an emotional lifeline. Being in a tight group means we love each other like family. We praise together and share our pain. We push each other to climb new heights, and then wait on the edge of our seats for the update. Yes, we are each other’s biggest cheerleaders.
  7. Our Confessional Corner rocks. This is a secret construct where we can divulge our deep-down mommy confessions that the rest of the world won’t understand. We get each other.
  8. NO men allowed. Men don’t get us, but we get each other. This is our Venus and we all speak the same language.
  9. We realize we aren’t alone. Being in the group gives us a daily reminder that we are not alone in this thing called motherhood. We are a virtual entourage of women sharing our struggles and leaning on our collective shoulders. Here we feel validated, accepted, and A-OK with the world. It’s a wonderful feeling!
  10. Group wine therapy. The collective glass is always replenished because it’s our favorite subject! Grab a long-stem, log in, and join the party!

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Need to find your mommy sorority? Join our message board! It’s the perfect way to become a part of our community. We will take you in, respond to your posts, and get through this together!

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