Are You a MOMtrepreneur? Or Have Ideas Moms Like?

Courtesy of Pixaby

Calling all Entrepreneurs and MOMtrepreneurs!

Do you have your own business or organization?

Do you want moms to visit your webpage?

Do you have a great idea you would like moms to know about?

Sharing is Caring! Post it to our Entrepreneur/MOMtrepreneur board to let moms know about it!

Promoting your idea is easy:

  1. Register and create a username here
  2. Click on “Forum” and scroll down to the Entrepreneur/MOMtrepreneur board
  3. Click “Add topic”
  4. Create your post and explain your idea, including flyers, links or webpages
  5. Interact with moms interested in your product or idea

Happy Sharing!

I am a career-driven mother of 3 dedicated to the health, spiritual, and emotional well-being of moms.