She’s an Unbothered, Unapologetic, Certified Daddy’s Girl

Daddy's girl

She’s a Daddy’s girl. He is her universe.

My 4 year-old daughter loves me to the moon and back. But I’m not Daddy. Her dad is her sun, her stars, her universe, and her best friend. Everything is Daddy this, Daddy that. We can’t go several minutes without her inquiring about his whereabouts or mentioning his name. You may think her fascination with him would leave me feeling slighted or spark twinges of envy. In reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth. She’s a daddy’s girl, and I am proudly loving every single minute of it. My husband is my daughter’s Knight in Shining Armor and I am so thrilled to witness their unbreakable bond grow beyond imagination. 

Her sun rises and sets with Daddy.

When she awakes in the morning, her first words are “where’s Daddy?” When she falls asleep at night, she says “Daddy, come lay with me.” I know what you’re thinking…. this is just natural and a daddy-daughter relationship is supposed to be this way. But their bond grew over the years, because he intentionally invested so much time into her. I remember when we brought her home from the hospital, she was an emotional little diva. Even as early as 2 weeks old, she only wanted me and cried when anyone else so much as looked her way. Maybe it was because I breastfed, maybe it was because a mother’s bond is undeniable. But I kept wondering when she would fall in love with Daddy. Meanwhile, he kept investing in her, over and over.

And then around age one, it happened and there was no turning back. Out of no where, she decided Daddy was her everything, and would remain so every day going forward. Just like that, I became chopped liver. No really, if he was in the room, I didn’t exist! My first instinct was to get all in my feelings and pout over being put on the back-burner. Instead, it hit me. I took a step back when I realized I was witnessing the most beautiful thing I had ever encountered. The reality I always wanted for her. A daddy-daughter bond that blossomed out of this world. I didn’t fret that I was no longer the favorite. In fact, I loved every minute of it.

“Every drawing she ever makes in class is for Daddy.”

I can remember the day I picked her up from school, and she ran towards me with a beautiful drawing in her hand. “Awww, for me? Thank you honey!” I said, only for her to narrow her little eyes and reply “it’s for Daddy.” Um, excuse me??? Then her teacher explained, “every drawing she ever makes in class is for Daddy. In fact, she talks about Daddy all day long!” When I came to the realization there were no art projects waiting for ME, those words only stung for a brief second. They were immediately replaced with the joyful acceptance that she has the father of her dreams and the dad I always prayed she would have.

daddy's girl drawing
At school, Jordyn was asked to draw a picture of herself and her best friend. She drew herself and her dad going down a slide at the park.

She prefers Daddy to paint her nails.

She isn’t obsessed with him through happenstance. He puts so much time and energy into their mutual bond. They sing, they dance, they play hours of make-believe. I’m not privy to their inside jokes, but I smile when they throw their heads back in foot-stomping laughter. If given the choice, she wants to ride in Daddy’s car. Sit in Daddy’s lap. Share Daddy’s food. And lay on Daddy’s chest. She even prefers Daddy to paint her nails and he’s become really good at it over the years. She is an unbothered, unapologetic, certified Daddy’s girl!painting nails, daddy's girl

I was a Daddy’s girl too. That’s why I’m so hyped.

Why am I so happy? You see, all my life I dreamed that my daughter would fall head over heels for her dad the same way I fell for mine. As a little girl, I can clearly remember being completely fascinated and in love with my own father, and I can see how it shaped my early views of men. The times I sat eating ice-cream on his lap, or riding on the back of his bike will forever remain engrained in my memory as the best feeling in the world. He didn’t know I would remember these beloved details, but he knew he was contributing to my identity, security, and lifelong confidence. ice-cream

So yes, I wanted to pass that precious feeling to my own daughter. I yearn for her to have the same confidence, protection, and security that I had with my dad. The greatest gift I could have ever given to her is a great dad to share the joys of her life. And I will protect and uphold their bond for the rest of my life.


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