Struggling, Hurting, Frustrated Moms. You Are Not Alone

rubber-boots-1594820_1280Moms from every walk of life. Struggling to stay strong, hurting from defeat, frustrated from exhaustion, you are not alone. We are bonded together all around the world, in our rain, enduring our connected pain.

For the stay-at-home-moms. Dedicating your entire day to caring, teaching, cleaning up spills, and ALL other duties as assigned. When every day feels like Ground Hog Day, and every day starts the same process over and over. It’s the ultimate sacrifice to dedicate your time to child-rearing and doing all the invisible tasks that make the world-go-round. Where breaks are few, yet your heart is overflowing. It feels like a thankless job. You are not alone, your work is not invisible.

For my career mamas. Waking up at the crack of dawn to join the rat-race of working women contributing to your respective fields. Having to say goodbye to a child in the care of another all day long. Yet, gracefully empowered to forge ahead for yourself, and provide for your family. It’s the ultimate sacrifice, not to be ignored. You are not alone in your sacrificial ambition.

For mommies looking for work. Tired of rejection. Knowing you are good enough but hoping they finally realize your value too. Constantly getting your hopes up, only to feel crushing defeat again. You are not alone in your rejection.

For my mamas that are tired. Day in and day out, every day is exhausting. Breaks are few and far between. There is little time to be one with your thoughts, smell the roses, read a good book or watch a television show. You haven’t had a nap in years. Constantly wishing someone comes in to relieve you, so you can just take a small break from life. You are not alone.

For my moms feeling lonely and alienated. Surrounded by people, yet all alone. Missing past friendships gone astray, yearning for new friends to come around and provide you company. When your social life consists of your family and children, and you wish for a new friend to lend an ear. The void and silence are unbearable at times. You are not alone in your loneliness.

For my mamas struggling with their identity. You’ve lost sight of your lifelong plan, forgotten how to be happy. Wondering when your career will fall into place, or feeling as though you have lost a sense of who you are. Coasting through life, boggled down by the same routine. Struggling to find your voice, you are not alone. You are heard.

For my sleepless moms. The kid(s) keep you up at night, or your thoughts give you insomnia. Night after night, day after day. Rest assured that you are not alone at this bewitching hour. There are others lying awake, counting the stars, wishing for better nights ahead. There are others sharing your moment, wishing they could find slumber too.

For my mamas hurting in their marriages. Placing their children and family above their own happiness. Wondering if they should go or stay. Leave or endure. But when? But how? Crying into their pillows at night while looping their options over and over. Day after day, year after year. We are standing with you, as you face your fork-in-the road.

For my mommies struggling in their singleness. Looking for love, failing at every turn. Frustrated at the prospects. Yearning for a companion, but not wanting to settle for less for you and your children. Your faith is alive, yet the disappointment is deafening. You are not alone in your singleness.

For my moms struggling in depression. Trying so hard to wear a happy face for your family and children, all the while, dying a slow death on the inside. Wondering why you are here, wondering when the pain will end. When every day is raining and you’ve forgotten what the sun feels like on your skin. You are not alone.

For my mommies struggling with their own physical health. Hurting on the outside, but still working relentlessly day and night, night and day, to provide for your family. Cringing at the pain while putting dinner on the table. Your heart is limping, but beating it’s way towards a healthier you. You are not alone in your pain.

For all moms hurting, grieving, wondering, wishing, you are not alone. There are others standing with you under your umbrella. We don’t have all the answers and situations certainly won’t change over night. But find peace in knowing someone else is sharing your moment. And sun will come in the morning. umbrella

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I am a career-driven mother of 3 dedicated to the health, spiritual, and emotional well-being of moms.


  1. All of us fall into one or more of these categories. We often think the other person has the perfect world but that’s so not true. Thank you for this!!


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