What to Wear Wednesdays: Thanksgiving Fashionista!

tg3By 1MommyMD

This time of year is always one of gratitude. Fresh off the Thanksgiving holiday and with my birthday approaching, I am full of hope and count it a blessing to see each new day. 

As I reflect on last week, I don’t take for granted the gathering of family and friends. We gather at my parents’ home each year. This year my mom and I tag-teamed in the kitchen, she prepared the turkey, scalloped potatoes, Waldorf salad and gravy while I whipped up green beans, macaroni and cheese, homemade rolls and pound cake. I reminisced on how I learned to cook, standing in my grandmother’s and mother’s kitchens asking to stir this and add that, thankful for the lessons learned. As the day went on family trickled in bringing more homemade dishes and desserts, black eyed peas, dressing, cheesecake and sweet potato pie, to add to the spread.

As we bowed our heads to give thanks, each person young and old gave something for which they were thankful. The resounding answer from all was FAMILY. Then we ate. We laughed. We danced. We took pictures. We even did our own mannequin challenge and outside of the occasional moving kid and dog, I’d say we did great!!

Take a look below to see what I wore. This look features a cognac crushed velvet blazer with tails that is H&M from several seasons ago and a pair of skinny pants with pvu front panels from Banana Republic.


In all things give thanks!

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