Allergic To Crowds? 9 Reasons Why Amazon and I are BFFs


Amazon Prime, you had me at “hello.”

Shop ’til I drop? Yeah, no thank you. Amazon Prime and I are BFFs. Like, super-duper close. We can finish each other’s sentences, we are always chatting…day or night. While everyone else is wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping, this mom is on the couch. Feet up. Laptop open. Wine nearby. Perusing through my Amazon cart. Wait, scratch that. My feet actually never make it up because my kids are always calling my name. But, I digress. The point is, I can’t do crowded stores! Can’t, cannot, unable-to-can. If this sounds familiar, perhaps you will reconsider and shop right from your couch this year too!

IF you LOVE any of the following, read no further. This advice isn’t for you!sale black friday sample

  1. Circling mall parking lots for hours upon hours looking for a spot
  2. Standing in lines wrapped around the store while your legs give out
  3. Getting stuck behind the lady with 18 coupons for one shirt
  4. Pushing big double/triple strollers through throngs of shoppers, nipping at their ankles. “Excuse me ma’am! Excuse me sir!”

If that just made you itch too, keep reading!

9 Reasons Why Amazon and I are a match made in heaven:

  1. No lines no waiting! I can’t do lines. The way my patience is set up, all the nopes to have ever noped. With Amazon, you never have to leave your home. Like ever. And you’re always the only customer waiting!
  2. Amazon has it ALL. Music for your little cousin, tea for your aunt, chinaware for your mom, and wine glasses for yourself (oh we never leave ourselves out…) It’s a one-stop-shopping depot!
  3. Find all the deals at once! Forget going to 89 stores to look for the cheapest coffee pot for your MIL, only to circle back to the first store and they are sold out! Unh-unh. Not gonna be able to do it! On Amazon you can price-compare, make your selection, and be done!
  4. Budget like a boss! I’m bossy! Set a limit, watch your cart. You don’t have to go over your price. Need more budget tips? Sassy Plum’s got you covered!
  5. No Post Office. Hecky-naw! Nope, can’t do that either! The beauty of Amazon Prime is that you can ship to most U.S. addresses for free! Unless, that is, you like waiting in line at the Post Office, only to pay $25 for a $10 gift for your aunt’s cousin’s baby’s mom 1,500 miles away! Felicia, dismiss yourself.
  6. Delivered right to your doorstep. Whenever I get home, I do a little dance (usually the cabbage patch-*heeeey*) when I see my little packages neatly waiting for me! Forget lugging tons of bags around a mall while trying to balance a stroller with one hand! I can think of a couple places that stroller can go…package-1511683_1280
  7. Procrastinators are welcome! “I work best under pressure!” One year I waited to the last minute to shop and ordered all of my gifts on December 22nd. And yep, they all magically arrived 2 days later on Christmas Eve! Just like that, my work was done! Check out Amazon Prime for 2-day delivery details!
  8. Free returns. Nope, don’t want it! Many Prime items have free returns. You’ll appreciate this when you fly past all those long lines of people at your favorite store’s customer service counter the day after Christmas.
  9. You can sit and sip as you shop your way through the holiday! You’ll need the extra wine when you realize that toy kitchen set you just ordered has 1,456 parts that you will have to assemble and you’re asking yourself “what have I done???” Now, what are we drinking?

wine national drink wine day sipping wine as i type i keep a bottle or 3 as if i needed a reason

Every day is Christmas when shopping is this easy! If you want to register for Amazon Prime, check it out today! You’ll be glad I sent you! You’re welcome! Smooches!

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