Want a Job Promotion? Throw on Some Color!

Color makes the world go round.

Are you looking to stand out? Tired of the same boring grays, blacks (yes there are so many shades) and browns? Are you looking for ways to feel better about yourself? Throw on a little color! Did you know that people that wear bright colors may be more likely to get promotions? Now I normally don’t like to associate looks and fashion with job recognition because that is problematic for women on several levels. BUT, I also love color and love to watch it work. And guess what? Color can actually do some amazing things for your emotional health as well! When I wear colors, I feel better about myself and work harder.

Want a promotion? Perhaps go bright.

Some suggest that wearing bright colors subconsciously tells your coworkers and employer a lot about who you are. Bright colors are said to represent confidence and creativity.

  • Red: risk-taker, gambler, extroverted, passionate, energetic, alive, aggressive. Tip: not the best color for a job interview
  • Orange: social, well-liked, friendly, happy
  • Yellow: superior in mind, well concentrated, aloof (but not shy), difficult to rattle, logical
  • Green: lives in good neighborhoods, lots of friends, social, environmentally friendly, good balance, eats & lives well
  • Blue: fresh, peaceful, loyal, witty, sarcastic, conceited, intense appeal to fashion. Tip: navy is a good for an interview because it represents being in control, calm, trustworthy, confidence and security
  • Purple: royal, love for art, creative, imaginative, charming, temperamental
  • Black: authoritative. Experts suggest wearing it as an accent color as opposed to the main color. Tip: Great for an interview
  • White: simplicity, precision. Tip: great for an interview


Colors can make you feel better.

What do your choice of colors say about you? Some studies suggest that women who are sad or depressed are more likely to wear dark and baggier clothes. *Insert laughter.* Sounds like most stressed out moms I know! I kid, I kid. Colors may also may give you and others insight into your emotional health. Do you like yourself? Are you comfortable with your body? Do you love the skin you’re in? Some people like to hide in blacks, grays and other nondescript colors so that they don’t stand out. Experts feel colors have powerful effects on moods and behavior:

When I’m having a bad day, I throw on color. There is something about going from bland do fiery with adding a red pair of shoes to my look. And this makes sense. According to color treatment therapists, wearing red activates the circulatory system and drains the weariness out of your body.

Sometimes less is MORE.

What if I told you, you could fabulously rock color without looking like a walking rainbow? Bright clothing isn’t everyone’s style. There’s good news, because sometimes it’s just the little things that can totally make you pop. Once I wore all black everything…except bright pink shoes. They were just simple flats, but bright as all get-out. I stood out and everyone, even strangers stopped me to comment on my shoes. I felt amazing and my little pink flats gave me life ALL day!

Or sometimes adding one bright accessory to a traditionally nondescript outfit will take you from Plain Jane to Fierce Felicia in a snap. A bright blue scarf on a mundane gray dress. Or fabulously red necklace on a plain cream sweater. Colorful tights to a simple tan dress will make you feel amazing!

Or if you really want to be bold, add some color to your eyes! A gorgeous beat face with a hint of color is sometimes just what the Dr. ordered!

Try it! Colors always make me feel better. And if you can get that promotion too, you may find yourself tickled pink!

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