7 Ways to Relive Your Wedding Day Blur

Did everything happen so fast? Was your wedding day a blur?

“They” say a wedding is just for a day, and then the marriage begins. And that’s true. But so many brides find that the actual day was a blur, as they were overwhelmed with anxiety, performing, and greeting guests. It can absolutely take the wind out of you and you look back thinking, how did that day go by so fast? Do you ever wish you could get that time back and slowly relive all of those moments? You’re not alone.

Wedding days don’t have to be forever frozen in time. There are ways in which you can relive them over and over, and re-experience that magic slowly and intentionally.

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7 ways to relive your wedding day blur:

  1. Keep your wedding books and photos on hand. So often we take our photos, albums, and memorabilia and stuff them way back on a shelf to collect dust and wither away. Instead of burying them for generations to come, we should “actively” cherish these items. That means, place them out for guests to look through. Have a date night at home with your spouse and reminisce. Or let your kids sift through the wedding day memories. I keep our wedding book on our fireplace mantle and look through it often. With the constant reminder, you can experience your day over and over and make the memories part of your daily life.
  2. Read through your wedding greeting cards. What is the point of collecting wedding cards that we never bother to read ever again? Sifting through the cards will give you a warm and fuzzy feeling about your special day and remind you who attended or shared in your splendor. Plus, the messages written on the cards will make you remember why you fell in love, and remind you that a lot of people are rooting for the success of your union. Water-works alert! Reading these cards may even make you tear a little.
  3. Touch your wedding items. Seriously, hold them. Feel them. Your veil, your dress, your garter. Just last night I went through my drawer and came across my veil. I spent a couple of minutes straightening it out, and reminiscing about how pretty I felt with it on. The memories came pouring in.
    Photo by K. Hawkins
  4. Watch the video. If you have a wedding video, this time you can watch it all the way through without the anxiety, nervousness or blur. Pay attention to every detail, take in the beautiful music and ambience. It will have you walking down Memory Lane in no time.
  5. Snazzy up your rings. There’s no modern-day rule that says you have to wear the same wedding ring for ever and ever. Do something fun! Upgrade, switch it up, change it out, spice it up. The more versatility, the better. Continue to wow yourself with a new look over and over.
    Photo by K. Hawkins
  6. Randomly re-post wedding photos on your social media pages. Let the world know you are still living in the moment. Remind them and yourself of how meaningful your day was. I love to come across a throwback wedding pic in my timeline!
    Photo by K. Hawkins
  7. Recreate your wedding photos. Have you gracefully aged like a fine wine? Re-experience the glitz and glamour of your special day by recreating some of your best wedding poses. If you have children, add them to the pose. It will make a beautiful contrast. For more examples from Mom.me, click here!

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What are some ways that you relived your wedding day blur? Tell us what you think!

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