What to Wear Wednesdays: Carboholic & Sassy

By 1MommyMD.

Anyone who knows me is fully aware of my love for carbs. Bread, potatoes and pasta are my friends. So it was only fitting that when I saw this shirt, on an elementary school friend’s Instagram feed, I found my way over to the website to place my order. What you’ll find there is not just any old t-shirts. Instead, you’ll find a line of ethically produced gear rooted in animal rights activism. As I am phasing out animal products and heading towards a plant based diet, this is definitely something I can get behind! Additionally, I get to support a friend’s business, it’s a win win!!

This What to Wear Wednesday look pairs the aforementioned t-shirt which is über soft and comfy, a cap sleeved button up-previous season Banana Republic and a vintage plaid skirt that has pockets!! A hair clip functioning as a bow tie and knee high boots round out the look. 

Shop the look:

Button up shirt
Plaid skirt
Clip on Bow

Thanks to my sister Khési for snagging these pics!!

As always be well,

Kiarra King MD

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