Against Candy Pushers: Parents Fight For Healthy Checkout

Healthy checkout? Are changes needed?

Do your kids drive you nuts at the grocery store?

Are you at your wit’s end by the time you reach the checkout counter?

Is the candy and junk food loaded checkout lane the breaking point for your kids mega-meltdowns and your sanity?

healthy checkout
Are healthy checkout options ideal?

Well, friend, this petition might be for you!

These parents are sick and tired of having to inch through shelves of junk food as they wrap up shopping trips with their children. We read about this petition and the very relatable feelings behind it in this piece by Valerie Williams at Scary Mommy.

What do you think about the offerings and reading materials at checkout lanes? How do you resist the urge to buy unhealthy foods and drinks for yourself and/or your kids? Would you sign a petition for your local grocer to replace them with healthy checkout options? What about children’s books and commonly forgotten necessities? We vote for wine!

wine apothic
photo by M.Poole

Tell us what you think!

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