Curly Kid Hair Hacks! 8 Tips For Toddler Natural Hair Care

Got curls?

Raise your hand if you’ve got a curly kid on your hands!!!

We know that hair care can be rough in general, but there’s no challenge like a tiny head full of curls that need lots of tender love and care. While there are tons more products available to wash, style and maintain natural hair today than there were a decade ago, the world of natural hair care can still be difficult to navigate. It’s easy enough to get through the infant stage with a curly kid, but what do you do when that baby becomes a toddler? If you are not confident in your hair care skills, have a different texture than your child, or lost because you’re not a curly girlie at all, these 8 Tips for Toddler Natural Hair Care by Shanicia of Black Moms Blog will melt your hair care worries away.

Tips Covered:

  • Understanding hair texture
  • How much product to use
  • Cowashing
  • The use of water
  • Protective styles
  • Hair wrapping
  • Flat irons and straighteners
  • Free-fro

Click here for details about each tip!

Also, these pics of gorgeous brown babies with every kind of curl are to DIE for! Thanks for the tips, Shanicia!

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