7 Signs You Have a Little Diva On Your Hands

Do you have a little fashionista? I do! From the time my daughter was 2, she has taken a special interest in clothing, shoes, and accessories. In fact, she insists that she pick out all her own clothes by herself. I like to encourage her independence, so I allow her to dress herself and choose her own style.

7 Signs you have a little diva:

  1. She’s always in your shoes. My daughter likes to try my shoes on for fun. ALL THE TIME! And her balance is so steady that she doesn’t even stumble! When she puts the shoes on, she changes her name to my name. I suppose she is channeling me!
  2. She has more purses than you. Because everyone knows my daughter loves purses, she gets donations from friends and family alike. In fact, she has an entire drawer of fashionable purses! Sometimes she even takes them along to preschool and hangs them up in her cubby. As for the contents, they are normally packed with books, stickers and lip-glosses (see #3).
  3. Lip-gloss is her best friend. My daughter has every shade of kid lip-gloss you can imagine! And she doesn’t even need a mirror to apply it perfectly!
  4. Every day is dress day. My daughter insists on wearing a dress every single day. Lace, flowy, tutus….all are her favorite!
  5. She understands the versatility of scarves. Accessorizing is everything! And she has tapped into the beauty of the scarf. She wears them long, short, wrapped and tied!
  6. She loves shopping. When I announce a shopping trip, she squeals with delight! As we walk in and out of stores, she touches every piece off clothing she sees. Whether it’s her size or not, she emulates adults by appearing as if she’s inspecting every strand.
  7. Even her cleaning is fabulous. My daughter vacuums in dresses, fancy shoes, and holding a purse! There is no task that downplays her swag! Note: the below picture was not staged!

Do you have a little fashionista on your hands? Let us know!

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  1. I am so glad to see a young mother paying so close of attention to her child. It appears that you are recognizing your daughter’s inner desire to strive and test the unknown. She is a beautiful girl and is taking life on face first. Her ideals are growing so let her continue to flow and bloom. Then shout out to the world look out cause she is “A Coming”


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