Big Hair, Don’t Care? How to French Braid Thick Hair

Combing thick hair can be so stressful!

Shortly after the birth of our daughters, some of us mamas become instant beauticians and hair stylists due to the abundance of hair they bring home for us to maintain! When our little girls grow big, thick and curly locks, we often find ourselves needing different products, techniques and regiments to prevent a dry and tangled mess. In addition, it’s always important to promote healthy hair.

Mamas and daughters alike often find themselves desperately wanting to avoid the daily dreaded hair-combing sessions. That’s where French Braids come in handy. French Braided styles are often preferred over daily styling to save time and have longer-lasting effects.

Depending on the hair type, your princess can wear her French Braids for up to two weeks with minimal to no maintenance. When I choose French Braids for my daughter, there are tips and techniques that I adopt to ensure that her hair remains healthy, hydrated, and lasts throughout the week.

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7 tips on how to French Braid thick hair:

  1. Never braid when you’re tired. Waiting until the end of the day to braid will be tough for you and your little girl! Plus, we tend to have less patience and are rougher with the strands, causing unnecessary breakage.
  2. Wash wisely. Try washing with a high-porosity shampoo to prevent dryness. This will increase moisture in the strands and make it easier to manipulate, minimizing breakage.
  3. Moisturize and detangle. Be sure to apply oil to seal the strands and then follow up with a detangler. This will make parting, combing & braiding easier as the hair becomes softer and more manageable.

  4. Divide and conquer. If you find yourself overwhelmed with all the hair you have to braid, break it up. Part the hair into 4-6 sections to ensure all of those thick strands are accessible to water and product. Tackling it into smaller sections helps keep the job under control. For extended braiding sessions, dividing into sections also allows you and your daughter to take breaks (they tend to get a little restless).
  5. Keep the hair wet. Part braiding sections while the hair is still damp. It will begin to dry as you part and braid. Use your spray bottle and reapply to keep the hair moisturized.
  6. Smaller braids last longer. The smaller the braids, the longer the style will last. Bigger braids tend to frizz much quicker. If your daughter has thick and fine hair like mine, the style may only last a week as fine hair tends to unravel and get “fuzzy” quicker. Note: the courser the hair, the longer the braids last.
  7. Wrap it up. Be sure to use a scarf or bonnet when asleep to help preserve the braids.

Use that time you would spend during daily combing sessions for self-care or as quality time with your loved ones!

Happy braiding!💜

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