Don’t Let Valentine’s Day Disappoint You This Year

On Valentine’s Day, time stands still. It is the day of relationship-reckoning and the stakes are high, everyone is watching, it’s do or die. Cuddle-season is well underway for those out there dating, a select few husbands are trying to work their way out the doghouse, and the waters are being tested to see who will step up to the plate and deliver a Valentine’s Day for the record books. Somewhere, someone will end up engaged, someone will end up back in the dog house (men… do better!), and others will end up annoyed with the sappiness of the entire day. #TewMurch

Valentine’s Day can just be way too much…

Yes, Valentine’s Day can be filled with love, hearts, candy and tons of relationship-security. But there is also a dark side that often goes without mention. While many couples ride off into the sunset in kissy-poo bliss, others meet a painful reality that this may be the end of their love train. On this day, we get to find out which SOs remembered and which ones went through the day with hardly a reference….ouch. And then, there are those that grieve a love that was lost or no love at all. This day can absolutely reek havoc on single people wishing to be in love. Every year Hallmark finds a way to get EVERYONE all in their feelings on this day. Claim it in advance: do not let Valentine’s Day disappoint and pull you down you this year.

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5 ways to not let Valentine’s Day disappoint you

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  1. Don’t get caught up in the hype. Know this is a Hallmark holiday meant to drive everyone way deep in their feelings. The more you stress, the more you spend. Get it? Your relationship isn’t winning, Hallmark is. Don’t let it trip you up. Just coast through and be cool. Treat it as a regular day.
  2. Don’t let the day define your relationship. Don’t give it power, it’s just a day. It doesn’t have some deep meaning or validate where you stand on your journey. It’s lighthearted and just for show. Too much show, actually (gag). And let’s be honest. If Valentine’s Day can break your relationship, it was probably on the rocks anyway.
  3. Be realistic about expectations. We all have different love languages and some men just suck at this holiday for whatever reason. It’s not that big of a deal! I promise! Chalk it up to one of those things, and move along. If your relationship is already solid, throw this day the deuces and focus on what really matters. Love and family.
  4. Celebrate love year-round instead. Make an effort to consistently celebrate love on a regular basis so that it takes the pressure off of allowing one single day to make or break your relationship. Kiss when no one’s looking, send flowers without validating the delivery on Facebook. Be random, be spontaneous, be romantic on normal days. Privately. Celebrate each other enough throughout the year that Valentine’s Day pales in comparison.
  5. Be happy for others. Okay, maybe this won’t be the best day in the word. But that’s okay! Don’t let Valentine’s Day disappoint you. Since this day doesn’t define your relationship, relax and just enjoy the celebration before you. Be happy for others basking in love and know that you are okay with or without this day.

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