What to Wear Wednesdays: Something Old, Something Blue

By 1MommyMD.

I love mixing old and new. I’m always telling myself to do a good purge of my closet but I know certain things are destined to be worn again. So, my wardrobe continues to outgrow my closet. These are my confessions!! Anyway, this What to Wear Wednesday is a mix of old and new. I bought the shirt probably 10-12 years ago when I was in medical school. It had a good run then and I held on to it because of its classic shape and pretty details. Last week I purchased this beautiful floral skirt with warm browns and jewel tones. I knew it would compliment the shirt. Needless to say they are a perfect match! I rounded out the look with a gold collar necklace, adorable owl earrings in brown/turquoise and a chocolate heel. 
Shop the look:

Floral Print Skirt


Thanks to my sister Khési for snapping these pics and as always thanks for following!!

Be well,

Kiarra King MD 

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