50 Of The Craziest Places Moms Have Pumped Milk!

Mamas! We have all been there. Engorged. Pressed for time. Determined to find any place to pump milk for our babies! We will jump through hoops, break through red tape, and pump in unthinkable spaces. No matter the challenge, we will be creative and find a place to pump!

Sassy Plum asked our mama friends for the craziest places they ever pumped, and here are their responses! You’re going to laugh at some of these because we know you can relate! 

1. “In a parking garage, in the back seat of my car.”

2. “In a coworker’s office and she didn’t have blinds. So I hid under her desk…”

3. “While driving to and from work every day!”

4. “I pumped in a party room of a skating rink!”

5. “On the expressway during traffic. My hubby was driving!”

6. “During the middle of a meeting.”

7. “In a closet at a hotel during a conference.”

8. “I pumped while visiting a church with no privacy so I had to go in the Pastor’s office …he wasn’t in there of course lol!”

9. “In a little back room of a restaurant.”

10. “In the front seat of my car in a mall parking lot while on 30 minute lunch break from a retail store.”

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11. “In the employee computer room because it was the only door with a lock and someone was always knocking which lead me to just pumping in the car.”

12. “I pumped in the back seat of my van, while hubby drove. A group of friends drove by and recognized my car and began waving! He motioned to me in the back seat, with the bottles suctioned on my chest! Lol.”

13. “In an airport bathroom stall because I went away for the weekend and I wasn’t comfortable doing it on the plane. So I was very engorged by then.”

14. “In the airport bathroom in Paris.”

15. “In the passenger seat of a car, with a male coworker I hadn’t worked with for very long, driving!”

16. “I pumped while driving. I woke up late, got a child to school and had to get birthday party supplies before picking someone up from the airport … baby was still sleep from the night and my breast engorged .. omg! Everyone was thrown in the car I hooked myself up (we have a outlet in our car) and started on my way! Yes I was driving me plus three.”

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17. “Pumped in a black tie dress in the parking garage waiting to go into a gala.”

18. “Pumped IN a meeting because it was a small group and I didn’t want to miss the information. I sat near the wall, placed a scarf over the bottles and went to town!”

19. “At an electrical training facility, the only private room they had with plugs was a training room comprised of all this hardcore electrical equipment.”

20. “Once I pumped at a charging station at Vegas airport. They don’t have a Mother’s Room so a sat down, plugged in, my back was to the airport. I had a big blanket scarf around and I sat there for 30 minutes!”

21. “In the driver seat while driving myself to a class reunion!”

22. “An empty classroom and prayed no one came in!”

23. “I was at a small conference and the location didn’t have a private room with a plug so they put me in a curtained off area (with no door and unsecured) where at least 3 people walked through the area while i was pumping!”

24. “In my car. It was mid afternoon and folks were walking up and down the street and I had nothing but the shirt on my back to cover me. Oh well!”

25. “I’ve had to pump in the bathroom at a concert!”

26. “In the hallway of my university; they had little cubicle areas where you could study.”

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27. “I pumped about 35,000 ft in the air on an airplane once.”

28. “In the dressing room while preparing to be a bridesmaid for a wedding in a few hours.”

29. “While in college I used to have to take a break during class and go into the bathroom. I would sit on a toilet and pump. I had no other options! Now, most colleges have designated pumping rooms for moms that pump on-the-go!”

30. “During choir rehearsal I pumped behind the podium in the pulpit at church while the rest of the choir stood in front of me!”

31. “On-site at a mock trial, in a room where everyone was storing their things.”

32. “In my boss’s house, where I then had to store the milk in his fridge.”

33. “After the club, in a bathroom at a restaurant!”

34. “In a copy room at work.”

35. ” In the car, on the way to an interview.”

36. “In a mud hut in Uganda!”

37. “On the floor in a storage closet of a hotel during a wedding reception .”

38. “In a restaurant booth!”

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39. “In a supply room at a venue to avoid the bathroom…”

40. “On a school bus!”

41. “At a playhouse on Broadway!”

42. “I’ve pumped milk in the supply room closet. A million times! And get this — no lock on the door. Can’t tell you how many times someone just busted in.”

43. “At the mall.”

44. “At the park!”

45. “I’ve pumped milk in the end seat closest to the isle in the middle of the Sanctuary. I was being proactive while baby was taking a nap so I wouldn’t have to whip it out and feed her when she woke up. The lady next to me was wondering what on earth I was doing… My shirt was big enough and I wasn’t missing a moment of that sermon. Lol.”

46. “In the nurse’s station in a government building.”

47. “I hand-pumped in the front seat of a car, this was before electric pumps were popular.”

48.  “At a wedding reception…in front of a lot of people. I covered myself but they could all hear it. It was definitely a pump and dump situation to continue enjoying the party!”

49. “In a parking lot, between meeting breaks.”

50. “So my first day back at work, I asked someone where the Mother’s Room was, and could have sworn I followed directions… I ended up in what we call a Huddle Room which is basically a small semi-secluded room with windows… I thought it was odd, but was busting at the seams, so I turned my back to the windows and went on with it. Another mom saw me, and stood outside the door until I came out. She kinda giggled at me, then walked me around the corner to the Mothers Room. hehe.”

Me, pumping milk in my car with a nursing cover and coat draped over me!

Where is the craziest place you ever pumped milk? Join the conversation and add your place to the list!

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