National Black Marriage Day: Don’t Miss It Next Year!

Happy Belated Black Marriage Day! Confused? How many people knew that this past Sunday was a national holiday for black married couples? I didn’t know, and I try to stay “in the know” about many things happening in and around our community. #BlackMarriageDay didn’t come down my timeline, no one posted about it. And I got to thinking, this day needs more attention! If you’re anything like me and didn’t know, then don’t fret. Okay so maybe we are late celebrating it this year, but come next year we are showing up and showing out. Who’s with me?

Here’s what you need to know. Black Marriage Day is the 4th Sunday in March. That means that next year it falls on March 25th, 2018. So plug it in your calendar now! And don’t worry, I’ll remind you again when it approaches.

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Black Marriage Day was started by Nisa Muhammad, the founder and Executive Director of the Wedded Bliss Foundation (WBF). This community organization, based in Washington D.C., is dedicated to celebrating black marriage through counseling, education, and intentional engagement. The national holiday began in 2002 and is celebrated in over 300 communities today. The organization’s work was also featured on CNN’s Black in America 2.

Here is an abbreviated list of possible marriage benefits identified by the Wedded Bliss Foundation:

Married men may:

  • Live longer
  • Be physically healthier
  • Be wealthier
  • Have increased employment stability
  • Maintain better relationships with children
  • Be less likely to commit violent crimes
  • Have more satisfying intimate relationships

Married women may:

  • Be emotionally healthier
  • Be wealthier
  • Have decreased risk of drug and alcohol abuse
  • Be less likely to live in poverty
  • Maintain better relationships with children
  • Have more satisfying intimate relationships

Children of married parents may:

  • Be more likely to attend college
  • Have higher academic achievements
  • Have fewer behavioral problems
  • Be physically and emotionally healthier
  • Maintain better relationships with parents

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Okay, so back to celebrating this day every year. We know the who, what, when, where and why, now let’s do. Mark your calendars next year so you won’t be left out! We need your help in getting the word out to make this day huge. And don’t worry, I’ll remind you again next year!

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