20 Wishes I Have For My Children As They Grow

As I watch my children grow, I often daydream about the life I want them to lead and think of ways I can prepare and expose them for what is to come. I won’t always be able to block them from negativity and I cannot promise everything will always go their way. But I will give them the tools to succeed and wish for the best.

20 wishes I have for my children as they grow

I hope my children:

  1. Are never bullied.
  2. Never bully others.
  3. Find a school subject that drives their passion.
  4. Fall in love with an extracurricular sport or discover a beautiful talent.
  5. Meet a childhood buddy that grows into a lifelong friend.
  6. Learn to love and appreciate many different types of foods.
  7. Friend and embrace those with different abilities.
  8. Find joy in paying it forward.
  9. Develop empathy for the less-fortunate and serve those in need.
  10. Have a love for animals, life, and sustainability.
  11. See and identify the value and talent in others.
  12. Like to think and be intellectually stimulated.
  13. Meet an awesome teacher that changes their entire perspective on learning.
  14. Use their imagination and drive to develop an entrepreneurial spirit at a young age.
  15. Love their bodies and have positive self-images.
  16. See the world as half-full and always find the silver lining in everything they do. 
  17. Encourage others to succeed because there is enough sunshine for us all.
  18. Speak up for those without a voice and defend the weak.
  19. Develop a love for reading and find themselves lost in books and literature.
  20. Become leaders and stand strong through adversity.

What wishes do you have for your own children? Please let us know and share this blog!

I am a career-driven mother of 3 dedicated to the health, spiritual, and emotional well-being of moms.