What to Wear Wednesdays: Double Take

By 1MommyMD.

I’ve partnered with the fabulous Samone Robinson, aka “The Chic Teach” of Shelltoes and Stilettos, bringing you a style concept from two like-minded fashion mavens. Samone has to be one of the flyest teachers I’ve ever known!! She is an inspiration to many, including the hundreds of students whose lives she has enriched over the years. Our collaboration, entitled Double Take, will display our interpretations of a particular clothing item or accessory.

Don’t get it twisted, this isn’t some version of who wore it best; in fact it’s quite the opposite! We’ve teamed up to prove that fashion is accessible, affordable and can be as diverse as you can imagine. It’s all love here…we ALL wear it best!! Our first collaborative effort features beautiful handmade BOW ties by the vintage style maven herself, Mimi Irvin of Official Corporate Chic and owner of Meyelabel vintage boutique. She recently launched her BOW tie line and things are booming!! There are several styles to choose from, not surprisingly my collection already has 3!! You won’t want to miss out on a chance to add a handcrafted piece to your wardrobe. 

I’ve styled mine with other shades of green and you know Kelly green is my fave! The striped collared shirt is a crisp contrasting backdrop to the vibrant polka dot BOW tie. This outfit is proof of my inability to purge, not sure if that’s a blessing or a curse. The shirt and blazer are past season NY&Co and H&M respectively and are both at least 10 years old. The pants are past season Gap. The handbag is vintage and the shoes are past season Target. You can shop the look here: pants, sweater, button up shirtbracelet and BOW tie Now the question is, how will YOU wear your BOW tie?!  

Be well,

Kiarra King MD

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