5 Good Reasons To Take Your Kids To The Local Library

Libraries may be “out of style” for us adults now that Kindles and electronic reading have taken over virtually everything. Who wants to be concerned with hard-backed books and the Dewey Decimal System (lol, that’s a throwback) when you have Wikipedia, virtual libraries, and Google?  Well hold tight. Before you throw the baby out with the bathwater, don’t forget that local libraries are a great resource for families and they offer more than just books!

5 Good reasons to take your kids to the local library:

  1. Introduce them to the world of reading. Physical books may eventually go out of style but we aren’t there yet! In the meantime, let them get lost in books! The library is a great place for kids to explore topics and learn about all things under the sun. Even at a young age, toddlers will flip through picture books and get a feel for the stories.
  2. Libraries have other activities for children. Many libraries offer several fun activities for young children, including building blocks, coloring, and an array of floor exercises. Children can easily volley back and forth between reading and quiet-play.
  3. Storytelling never gets old. Most local libraries offer storytelling for children. These activities are often done by librarians, local volunteers, or other fun guests. Scheduled story-times are a great activity and break from monotony for parents looking for activities.
  4. Museum and event passes are amazing! Many libraries offer a limited number of free passes to museums and other community events. To increase your chances at snagging a pass, consider going during an off-peak time. Waiting until the local spring break may not be a good idea, as most passes may be already checked out.
  5. Children learn how to treat property. Children learn to respect books and other items they check out from the library, as items must be returned in good condition.

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Library tips

Here are a few things you may want to consider:

Don’t go during nap-time. Avoid taking the kids during nap-time! It’s best to go in the morning or late afternoon, when everyone is well-rested.

Don’t go hungry. Make sure the little ones are fed because they are more likely to enjoy themselves on a full stomach.

Sanitize books. If you check out books or other items, gently sanitize them when you get home. You don’t know how many hands they’ve touched or mouths they have been in.

Use a reusable bag. Bring a reusable bag for all of your checked-out books. It will be easier to cart them around and keep up with them at home.

Return books timely. Mark your calendar and don’t be late! Free books are fun, until the fines add up. Plus, others may be waiting on the books you are returning, so bring them back for everyone’s sake!

To find a public library near you, visit Public Libraries.

Happy reading!

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