What to Wear Wednesdays: Green Scene

By 1MommyMD.

Resurrection Sunday my family and I dined for brunch at a lovely spot, in the East Garfield Park neighborhood on Chicago’s west side, called Inspiration Kitchens. Nestled just north of the Lake St. El, there is an outdoor garden as well as a beautiful trellis that frames the entryway. If you’re not familiar, “when you dine at Inspiration Kitchens… you’re supporting men and women who are learning in our kitchens and building the foundations to overcome homelessness and poverty and build a better future.

We provide our students with hands-on training in the food service industry and help them get jobs at Chicago’s hottest restaurants and catering companies. We also provide them with the services they need to overcome obstacles like homelessness, criminal backgrounds, mental or physical disabilities, substance addictions, and mental illness.” The bright airy space is fresh and inviting.  The staff is warm and friendly creating a down home feel. To read about some of the success stories check out their blog

Check out a few pics of the restaurant as well as an impromptu photoshoot prior to brunch!! My dress is 70s era vintage. I used my accessories to pull out the neon yellow in the dress. 

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