I HATED Mornings; But Motherhood Made Me A Morning Person

I’m not a natural morning person. I wasn’t born loving this lifestyle. In fact, I used to hate mornings! When I was younger, mornings always meant I had to do something I didn’t want to do, be somewhere I didn’t want to be, or just perform in general. The world wanted too much from me in the AM! #AintNobodyGotTimeFaThat! Before kids, I stayed up late, slept until 10 am, and finally rolled out the house mid-afternoon. The world came alive in the evening, I lived for the glamor of the night. Mornings weren’t even on my radar, didn’t recognize them. I couldn’t even pick out Morning in a lineup. Morning was a hater.

I didn’t understand morning people and borderline felt sorry for them. Mornings were for suckers. I thought morning people were boring, rigid, and old. Because what young and vibrant person would willingly choose to deal with mornings? Like, who would volunteer to sign their name under the “morning” slot of life? Yuck. My general feeling was “mornings can kiss where I twist, and I don’t mean my wrist.”


I had kids. Because I don’t know if you’ve met kids before (any kid for that matter), but they really don’t give a flying…care about how adults feel about mornings. Like none. My kids came into this world and pulled that rug right from under me…I felt like I was staring morning death in the mirror and I was certified pissed. I thought to myself, “how cruel of a world is this that I have to face mornings?” But I did it, as all of us parents do. I rolled over at 6am to start on breakfast and turn on the TV. (Side note: I wonder if scientists have ever studied why kids wake up to such huge appetites and monstrous levels of energy at 6am. Like why?) If I had half the energy of small kids at 6 am I would have conquered and owned the world by now.

But I digress…

Anyway, at the beginning of parenthood I dreaded early morning wake-ups to wild and hungry children. But somehow over the years, something interesting happened and I would like to imagine it as the sweetest gift. My world was flipped upside down when I stopped complaining, accepted my fate, and opened my eyes to the beauty of mornings. Overwhelmed with the stress of motherhood, I met something I had never even thought about. The peace and tranquility of a morning. My escape, my haven. Have you ever stood still that early and taken everything in? Mornings are absolutely beautiful! The more I live, the more I appreciate them and think to myself, “Hello lover! Where have you been all my life?”

I tried to fight it! Lord knows I did. But I’m glad to announce I’m officially a morning-person!

Why I now think mornings are EVERYTHING

  1. The coffee. There is nothing in all the world more delicious to wake up to. Coffee is one of the best inventions ever made and it’s even more delicious in the morning! It gets me going, it gives me energy, it gives me life! I even have my coffee pot set to brew before I wake up. Ever smell anything greater as you struggle to make it out of bed? I look forward to mornings so I can enjoy wonderfully brewed coffee!
  2. Everything is prettier and fresher in the morning. The trees, the sky, the air, my hair….lol. I feel so much better about the world and myself when I step out into the morning sun. Sunsets are romantic, but sunrises give me hope and life. They are a miracle and I feel so thankful to have made it another day.
  3. Quiet is addictive. With the noise and chaos of my household, I LIVE for the quiet mornings. I can think, hear, and receive. My head feels crystal clear and it’s amazingly lovely. Sometimes I even purposely wake up super early on the weekends just to steal a few quiet moments before the kids wake up. It’s such a wonderful time to be by myself.
  4. The early bird gets the worm. You do, it’s true. I get my ideal parking space, there is less traffic, the grocery stores have the freshest produce, places have better customer service….if you are making moves in the morning you are winning.
  5. My kids are happier. By the time my kids finally roll out of bed, they are full of sunshine and smiles, far from the tantrums and meltdowns the evening brings. A good night’s rest goes a long way. When they are happy, I’m happy.
  6. People are happier in the morning, in general. I remember when I worked at Home Depot for a short time after college, I always loved the morning shift over the evening shift. It didn’t take long to realize there were different types of customers throughout the day. In the morning, there were sweet little old ladies full of bright smiles, looking to pot the cutest flowers and pick up supplies for their adorable bird houses. They gave compliments, never complained, and their happiness was contagious. Whereas the evening shift brought out shoppers with attitudes, annoyed and impatient last-minute do-it-yourselfers, and people that were stopping in after an exhausting day. I got yelled at regularly in the evening, which sounds pretty familiar to how my children are set up. Evenings for them are Meltdown City!
  7. I feel more inspired and creative. Every morning, my mind swells with all the 101 things I want to do and the 200 ways I want to do them. I’m so fresh with ideas and inspiration. As the day goes on, my creativity slips away like the sand in an hourglass. By night time, the only creative thought I have left is how to pour the most amount of wine in my glass without spilling it. TV Land drunk drink drinking weekend GIF
  8. I’m way more productive. I get so much done in the morning and don’t complain! As the day goes on, I stop looking at my to-do list because it pisses me off. The later it is, the more overwhelmed I feel and my attitude plummets.
  9. Early Dr appointments are amazing! That 8am Dr. appointment is a breeze! It feels so good to get in and out, less time, less waiting. Try getting the 4pm appointment after the Dr. is backed up from patients throughout the day…no thank you. They’re tired, I’m tired, and my kids are approaching Meltdown City limits. Plus, I love having a quiet waiting area to myself because the way my kids are set up, yeah, we need our own waiting room.
  10. I feel healthier. Before the lunches, milkshakes, ridiculously high-calorie snacks, I feel both mentally and physically healthier in the morning. By the evening time, I feel like I’ve eaten a house and sometimes question my mental stability! The weight of the world just pushes down and I’m no good.

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According to Reader’s Digest some experts believe there are other positive correlations to being a “morning person.”

Surprising Health Advantages You Have As A Morning Person

Morning people are:

  • Thinner
  • Safer drivers
  • Proactive
  • Happier
  • More likely to exercise consistently
  • More appreciated by their bosses at work
  • Higher achievers in school

Well oh my word! Now I don’t know if any of these are scientifically proven, but I’ll take them! All of them! So yep, I’ll sign up to be a morning sucker any day of the week now! Toodles!

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