A Note To Fellas: Give Moms The Day Off For Mother’s Day!


Mother’s Day, Party of One!

Okay, this is a sweet little note for the fellas because I think you all need a little tweaking in this area. Now look, don’t be mad at me…I’m just the messenger! But every year, Mother’s Day rolls around and I listen to my mom friends whine and vent, totally bummed about not really getting what they wanted for Mother’s Day. And I think the main reason is that many of you men totally miss the mark on this one. Perhaps this isn’t your fault, you really do try to make a special day and for that moms are eternally grateful! But, what if I told you there was something else moms wanted more than anything…. something that may have never occurred to you?

I know, you think that the perfect Mother’s Day is planning a jammed pack day with kids, because that’s how she wants to be honored. Naw, son. Because guess what? 99% of moms are already doing this every. single. day. We spend all of our time with these crumb-snatchers, I mean, adorable children, 24/7. So how would this day be any different? This isn’t exactly what we had in mind. But don’t worry! I’ve got you covered!

Actually the perfect day would be to…


Yep, I said it. I asked some of my closest mom friends what they really wanted for mother’s day and the consensus was pretty strong! TO BE LEFT ALONE.  Yeah, some asked for dinner, breakfast in bed, and a few other things that include their wonderful family members, but the overwhelming response was be one with themselves and take a much needed break from parenting. When asked what they wanted most for their special day, I heard the same responses over and over. Some of the most common responses were, and not limited to:

  • A spa package
  • A nap….alone
  • Breakfast in bed
  • Alone with Netflix and wine
  • A weekend stay in a hotel….alone
  • A cleaning service
  • Uninterrupted sleep at night
  • To be by myself!

I’m pretty sure I heard the words “alone,” and “myself” 9,700 times. So what does this mean?

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Okay fellas, don’t fret. These requests don’t mean that she doesn’t want to spend her day with you or her children, she loves you all dearly! It just means that her relax-o-meter has plunged and she needs to fill it back up! What she really needs this Mother’s Day is some healthy solitude and self-pampering…ALONE. You have no idea how far that goes!

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5-step Mother’s Day program:

Fellas, please follow this program and you cannot go wrong:

  1. Ask her what she wants for her special day. Go ahead, just ask! Watch her eyes drift off to a far-away land of bliss, dreaming about all the possibilities. If she wants dinner, gifts, and a day with the kids, then fine. But don’t assume that. For many moms, time alone is 10 times more valuable than any other alternative. Moms want to be listened to and heard.
  2. Honor it. Okay, so now you know, do it! Give her what she wants. You want her to be fulfilled on this day by doing what she wants, not what you want for her.
  3. Take it a step further. You really want to make her day? Take it a step further! If she says she wants 3 hours alone, give her 5. If she wants a manicure, purchase an entire spa package. If she wants a night’s stay in a hotel, give her the weekend. This is your time to shine and show her that you get it!
  4. Actually, just give her the WHOLE day off. Let’s cut to the chase and just go ahead and give her the whole day off. This is what she is secretly trying to convey to you anyway! Don’t even plan her day. Believe me when I say she has that part covered! She may actually be out the door before you finish your sentence…
  5. BONUS: Don’t make her pay for her day off on Monday. Okay, now that you are giving her the whole day off, make sure she doesn’t pay for this day by way of a messy house on Monday. After she returns from her day off, she doesn’t want to come home to dishes in the sink, 89 loads of laundry to wash and fold, an entire house to clean up. A day off isn’t fun if she has to come home to all the work she missed while she was away…plus some. Round out her gift by finishing all these tasks before you go to bed so that she can start Monday morning fresh, no repayment necessary.

I think that about covers it! Make this her most enjoyable Mother’s Day yet!

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I am a career-driven mother of 3 dedicated to the health, spiritual, and emotional well-being of moms.

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  1. I love it! Let me have my hubby read the part about not making her pay for it Momday, I mean Monday. I love a spa day followed by a home cooked meal, including the mess being cleaned.


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