Fathers Play A Critical Role In a Young Girl’s Life

Fathers play a critical role in shaping the thoughts and feelings of their daughters at a young age. In most cases, they are the first man that a young girl sees and trusts. It’s no surprise that she hangs onto his every word. More importantly, daughters pay close attention to how a father behaves and learns much about the world through his actions. So many women look back at their father-daughter relationship with appreciation, reverence and love.

I asked a group of moms how they felt about their own fathers and through tears, they shared their views and love for the men in their lives. Below are quotes from our conversation:

Their fathers taught valuable lessons:

-“Fathers are important and valuable because they can teach a son or a daughter things that a woman can’t.”

-“He literally taught me not to get embarrassed and he never sheltered me.”

-“He gave me advice about relationships.”

-“He taught me good work ethic.”

-“He taught me what it meant to sacrifice; he worked 2 jobs so that we could have more than what we needed.”

“I learned the truth of consequences.”

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Their fathers modeled excellent behavior:

-“He taught strength, compassion, love and how to treat others.”

-“He was a living example for his children.”

-“He gave me and my brothers the prototype of a man, a husband and a father.”

Their fathers taught them about womanhood:

-“Fathers are a daughter’s first love.”

-“He gave me some of my 1st lessons on being a lady and having respect for my body and protecting myself.”

-“He taught and showed me self-worth.”

-“My dad gave me my value as a woman.”

-“A father teaches a daughter how to be treated by a man, what to accept and not accept from a man.”

-“He showed us what it looked like for a man to cherish his woman because he honored my mama so much.”

-“My father taught me that I am amazing.”

-“He reinforced daily that women are beautiful and powerful and capable of greatness from birth.”

-“A father is the first man a girl will ever love. The love that the father reciprocates sets the foundation of how she will respond to men in the future. A daddy’s love teaches her worth, understanding, honesty, respect and sweetness. It teaches her how a man should love her should she choose to take a leap of faith with him. A daddy’s love teaches her how to love a man and care for his heart and soul.”

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Their fathers provided security:

-“Most importantly fathers are their children’s protector.”

-“I love the sense of security he provided.”

-“He provided stability and did the family-thing well.”

-“He let us see what it meant for a man to be a provider.”

-“He was willing to lay down his life for his family.”

My dad and me circa 1982

The quotes that stood out:

-“He was the blueprint of manhood. A quiet storm. A man’s man with a wealth of experience and wisdom and a phenomenal example of what a man truly is.”

-“He taught me that I am a gift from God and should be treated as such. But he also taught me to know that everyone else in the world is a gift from God as well and deserves the same respect.”

-“As women, I think we need a father to validate our strength, our beauty, and our independence, because if our father (or male role model) does not, we can look for that validation in the wrong place. My dad treats my mother like a goddess, and now I require the same, and luckily, my husband does this.

-“Masculine energy is so necessary in children’s lives. They need to know there is a different kind of parent than the mother.

-“Father‘s provide balance, a Ying to a mother’s Yang; a sense of protection.”

-“He taught me the importance of just being there. He would come to my clarinet recitals, dog tired, and sit in the very back snoring. But it never bothered me because I knew he drove in rush hour traffic just to support me.”

-“Overall my father ruled with an iron fist but at the same time was the most loving man I’ve known. He took every opportunity he could to show me love, even in the midst of disciplining me.

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