5 Daily Hacks For Combing Thick Hair

Are you tasked with combing thick hair on the daily basis and need some relief in your life? Some moms are naturals at caring for and styling their little one’s hair. They’ve become better over time and are completely unbothered by wash routines. They even look forward to trying new products! Others find inspiration through online research for next week’s hair style. They just love the hair life!

Then there are those that dread having to even deal with hair. Washing feels like punishment to both mom and little one. The biggest discouragement that moms have expressed is that the texture of their child’s hair is so different from their own that they haven’t quite figured out the best way to care for it. Or, the hair is just so thick that it is overwhelming.

Weekly combing sessions become the family ritual. If you can get away with your baby going in public without looking neglected, some of us will stretch it to biweekly combing just to avoid the dreaded sessions.

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Whether you love to comb hair daily or not, there are some hair types that almost require daily maintenance. Coarse hair tends to stay intact much longer than fine hair which loosens and unravels, and it’s even difficult for a hair bonnet to tame those tresses. 

Whatever your situation, there are some tips that may make the whole process easier.

Here are 5 daily hacks for combing thick hair:

  1. Always spritz hair with water before managing to “wake the hair” and to help reduce breakage.
  2. Add a leave-in conditioner to your spray bottle, especially if you have hard water. This will help to keep the hair soft and manageable.
  3. Cover hair brush with a knee-high stocking for easy removal of lint and shedding hair. 
  4. Keep hair in the same style until next wash day. Comb/brush over, change barrettes, and call it a day. This will save so much time!
  5. Protect hair at night. Remove barrettes and cover the hair with a bonnet before bed to prevent tangles.

Happy combing Mommas!


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