12 Tips For Watching Local Firework Displays With Kids

Headed out to see firework displays with kids? You may want to pay attention to a few tips to make your outing seamless and enjoyable!

12 Tips For Watching Firework Displays With Kids

  1. Prepare snacks. It’s a good idea to bring along a few snacks and beverages for the kids to munch on while they wait for the display to begin. But be mindful of how much liquid they are consuming because there may not be a bathroom around once you get to the firework grounds….which brings me to my next point.
  2. Use the bathroom. Make sure the kids use the bathroom before you head out. Some grounds have public bathrooms, but if you’re anything like me and the idea of Porta Potties make you cringe (ick), then take that last-minute pit-stop in the comfort of your own home instead.
  3. Bring a stroller or wagon. These help tremendously to carry all the stuff you are bringing along, including blankets, snacks, beverages, and children whose feet hurt after walking 1/4 of a block.
  4. Bring folding chairs. Blankets always look fun and comfortable, but the way my aging body is set up, I can only sit on those things for about 10 minutes and I’m aching already! We prefer to carry folding chairs on our backs because they are light and collapsible. Some even have convenient cup-holders.
  5. Get headphones for babies. Fireworks are super loud for babies. If you don’t want them to freak out at the loud booms, you can get some noise-cancelling headphones to apply to their tiny ears.
  6. Wear walking shoes. Depending on how many people attend the firework display, you may have to park several blocks away. Ditch the flip-flops and wear sneakers instead. Your feet will thank you! Plus, you may have to walk through grass and dirt and sneakers are just a better fit for the terrain.
  7. Bring cash. Just in case, because you never know when you will need it. Last year staff walked around the display grounds selling those cool neon light toys for kids and we didn’t have any cash to purchase them! It resulted in pouts and long faces before the show even began!
  8. Arrive early, but not too early. Get there early enough to find a good spot, but not too early that your kids are bored and melting down before the show even begins.
  9. Remember where you parked. Take a pic, write it down, save a note in your phone. This will matter when the huge crowd lets out after the show and you will need to find your car at night.
  10. Choose a good viewing spot based on where the fireworks will be displayed. Don’t sit in front of trees. This happened to us once, and it was really unfortunate. We laid out our blankets, sat down, and prepared for the show. As soon as it started, we realized all we could see was a tree. And since the show had already started, we spent 5 minutes trying to move around and find a new spot (most were already taken), meanwhile, obstructing the view for others. Not cool.
  11. Have fun! Even though the actual display is relatively short (15-20 minutes), the kids will love the excitement and splendor! Actually the adults may love it more than the kids!
  12. Hold on to the kiddies on your walk back to the car. With throngs and throngs of people leaving the grounds at the same time, you want to keep up with your kids and make sure they don’t get lost in the crowd.

Click HERE for a list of firework displays in your area over the July 4th, 2017 holiday.



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