Birthday Party Treats: Yummy DIY Fiesta Cookies!

1MommyMD. What do you do when you’re planning a party and an item you need is unavailable? It’s time to DIY! If you don’t know, DIY stands for Do It Yourself. Sunday I threw my daughter a fiesta themed party for her 2nd birthday. I’d come across the cutest fiesta cookies on Instagram earlier in the planning process and was set on having some made for the party. Unfortunately, the business I wanted to use was booked solid for two months. I thought about it; I love to bake and have a creative streak so I decided to make the fiesta themed cookies myself! 

With the help of my awesome sister Khési, we set out to craft some delicious and visually stunning cookies! We started with a trial run earlier in the week. This allowed us to work out any kinks in the baking and decorating processes.

Our trial run 

Then, we went for the real thing the day before the party. We even had sombreros and cacti to fit the theme. Check out some pics of our official FIESTA cookie prep and finished product below!

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