Diner en Blanc: Moms And The City!

Diner en Blanc. The phenomenon, originating in Paris 29 years ago with 8,000 guests, stretches over 6 continents where people receive an exclusive invitation to flash-gather in a secret place, and perform an extravagant pop-up dining experience…. all white everything. White linen tablecloths, jewels and pearls, beautiful table settings. Tablescapes that will blow your mind away! And I was there for it all! This year I was invited as a guest and decided to chronicle the event! Here are the photos of my mom friends that were of the 4,000 in attendance in Chicago.

All checked in with our group and lining up at our destination before marching off to the “secret” place. We carted our table, chairs, table decorations and food on our journey. We even had a white umbrella in case it rained!

Tablescape Extravaganza! Note: do a mock set-up at home before the event so you aren’t trying to figure it out the day-of. You need to be able to roll quickly!

Waiving our white napkins as dinner is served! When 4,000 people wave white napkins it’s pretty amazing!

As the sun sets…

The accessories, clips, fascinators, and veils!

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