When Your Daughter’s Doll Is An Actual Family Member

My daughter takes make-believe to the next level. She has an infant babydoll/family member that is always around. Wherever we go, she goes. Kind of like “my buddy” for those of you old enough to remember.

Introducing…and please don’t laugh… Charlisha (my daughter picked this name, we don’t have a meaning as of yet.) But she did specify that it is spelled with a C and not S.

Apparently Charlisa has a food allergy so she was recently put on almond milk. (Yes, that’s real almond milk in that bottle). She keeps it refrigerated.

She has been responding well to the milk alternative as of late and the eczema has decreased dramatically.

With two real car seats in the back seat, my daughter insists that Charlisha rides up front with me. I just hope no one mistakes her for a real baby because there are several violations happening here… but I digress. The problem, though, is when I put on the brakes and she kind of forcefully slides off the seat. My daughter gets quite emotional and I’ve had to pull over before to get Charlisha situated again.

Recently Charlisha had a mishap and tumbled out the car as they were getting out. She is okay and has been resting comfortably at home as a result. Thanks to everyone that reached out. We will respond to all phone calls, texts and DMs in due time. Thanks for respecting our privacy following this unfortunate event.

Charlisa joins us for dinner at home.

And even out in the restaurant. I had to actually ask the server to bring a high chair to place her in. He brought it with a straight face so we tipped him generously. 

Out and about, Charlisha is always at her side. We get a lot of stares, oohs and ahhs, but my daughter is completely oblivious to the attention.

I have to do a lot of babysitting as a Glamother. But hey, my grandolls are family, so what can I say!

Now that my daughter started kindergarten we will need to place Charlisha in a home daycare. Please send referrals (serious inquiries only.)

I hope you enjoyed meeting our family member!

Until next time…

I am a career-driven mother of 3 dedicated to the health, spiritual, and emotional well-being of moms.

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