Why Being An Aunt Is More Magical Than Being A Mom!

I’ve been a mom, like forever. I can hardly even remember when I wasn’t a mom. Don’t get me wrong, parenthood is amazing, stressful, glorious, exhausting, joyous, and infuriating all rolled up in one chaotic ball. But did I mention, it’s amazing? And guess what is doubly amazing….becoming an aunt!

I had no idea that becoming an aunt was something magical that is nothing like motherhood! I recently became the proud aunt of twin boys and I am over the moon! Why didn’t you all tell me it was this awesome? You’ve been holding out on a sista!

10 ways being an aunt is magical, in fact, way better than being a mom!

  1. Auntiships kill all baby fever. All of it! If you are ever the victim of that annoying, pesky little offensive thing call “baby fever” that creeps up on you when you least expect it, then you’ll enjoy being an aunt. Two minutes into auntie time, you suddenly remember that… nope, you’re good! You don’t want any more children! And you’re like “girl bye!” to that little irritant of a thought.
  2. I surpass all the childbirth mess. I don’t have to worry about the stitches, the “baby blues,”  figuring out how to lose the weight, trying to deal with swollen feet after the birth, dealing with 3 gallons of fresh milk that just came in….NOPE. I can just show up to the hospital and enjoy my new little bundle(s) of joy… no childbirth strings attached!
  3. I can buy fun gifts. Buying for my own kids feels like such a necessity and I usually have buyer’s remorse soon after I load my trunk with a bunch of toys I know will get buried in the bottom of the toy-box. But now, it feels amazing to pick up little gifts and treats for my nephews. They may just empty out auntie’s pockets!
  4. I don’t have to change a micky fricky diaper! I mean, I can change if I feel like it, but I don’t have to! That’s the beauty of not being the primary caregiver. I can lay back and kick my feet up and just pass the kid right over to his mother to deal with all the blowout fiascos while I sip on my glass of wine. Auntie bliss!
  5. I can be bossy! Been there, done that. I have an answer for everything and I can’t wait to share it with the new mom! I will give all my know-it all, unsolicited advice as I see fit! (okay, just kidding because it’s super irritating when you’re on the receiving end).
  6. I can finally help babysit! On my terms, that is. See when you’re a mom, you can’t get away. Like ever. They are there every.single.night. But when I babysit, I know it’s just temporary and I can finally give back all the babysitting favors gifted to me over the years!
  7. I can be an aunt on a full-night’s sleep! It’s so nice to STTN and wake up refreshed for my auntie duty. Unlike when you’re a new mom and you are stuck in a zombie haze.
  8. There’s no dirty work. I don’t have to clean up poopsplosions, wash 3 loads of spituppy clothes per day or scrub 18 bottles. I’m RECLAIMING MY TIME and just showing up for the cuddles!
  9. I can be the good cop! I can finally do all the things I wouldn’t dare do with my own kids. I’m tired of being the bad-cop mom in my family, always saying no to this and that. But with my new little nephews, I can finally be the good cop and do all the fun things aunties are supposed to do. You want more ice cream, sure!!! Because lucky for me, I don’t have to deal with all the hyperness later!
  10. I can give them back and go home! As soon as I see Meltdown City on the horizon, “welp, time ta go!” I can play, kiss their cheeks, spoil them to no end, and then GIVE THEM BACK! I don’t have to take them home for the crying, whining, and sleepless nights. Because if you’re like me and already a mom, you get enough of that anyway.

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