My Kids Love The Little Miss and Mr. Men Books!

Introducing the Little Miss and Mr. Men books to my own kids allowed me to relive my ENTIRE childhood! I can remember being a little girl and my mom reading these books to me when I was barely able to read myself.

The Little Miss and Mr. Men books are a series of 49 Mr. books and 42 Little Miss books that weave in and out of each others lives. Each of the 91 characters, developed by British writer Roger Hargreaves beginning in 1971, introduces children to character flaws, exaggerates extreme personalities in hilarious ways and teaches a lesson at the end of every story. I learned so much about people and saw myself in the little ladies and men, even at a young age. There is no coincidence that the first book I read to my own daughter was nothing other than……Little Miss Bossy!

If you aren’t familiar with these fantastic characters, you still have time to fall in love! You can go directly to the Mr. Men and Little Miss website to learn more about the characters, access activities and shop for gifts.

You can also find the Little Miss set that features Little Miss Bossy, Little Miss Naughty, Little Miss Splendid and 32 other characters on Amazon from this link. The link for the single books and other gifts is here. You have the option of purchasing the books single or by sets.

I purchased the Mr. Men Anniversary set that features my 10 most favorite characters through this link here.

Happy Reading!

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