What to Wear Wednesdays: High And Wide

What’s better than one way to wear pants? Two! There’s nothing better than wardrobe versatility. I especially love if I can wear items year round. Appropriate layering and a change up of accessories can dramatically alter a look and get you more bang for your buck!

On a recent shoot with my sister stylist Ashieka Daniels of Honeycomb Hair Lounge, for the launch of her new salon, I featured an amazing pair of high waisted, wide legged, wax cotton printed pants that I got recently at Akira. A bold statement piece like these pants are perfect as they can be styled so many ways! Check out the ways I styled these pants for our shoot! I first paired them with a mesh sweatshirt from Target.Pockets are ALWAYS a great addition!

At first glance this piece looks like a skirt, how fun?!

I love playing with texture; note the circular pattern on the skirt mimics the mesh and my earrings!

I then switched it up to a more summery look and ditched the mesh sweatshirt for a tank and added a red beaded necklace.

I cannot wait to Style this for winter!! I see a motorcycle jacket and boots in these pant’s future!! What can you style year round in your closet?!

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