Black Friday Came Early: A Mom Ditch Day Party!

Welcome to Mom Ditch Day, where moms take a break from it all to celebrate ourselves!

Three years ago I started a mom group on Facebook. It wasn’t just any Facebook group, but a group that would be carefully crafted and tailored to moms that were the upmost supportive on all of our motherhood journeys. Our group isn’t about numbers or popularity, but is of a more intimate nature. We laugh together, cry together, and figure this thang called “life” out collectively. Today, we have over 200 moms from across the country that chat, cackle, and enjoy trading baking recipes 🙂 All. Day. Long.

Read below to see how our Mom Ditch Day came together. It gets better the further you read, because we KNOW how to throw a day party!

Black Friday: Mom Ditch Day

We throw a Ditch Day party 4 times a year…. because it’s fun as heck and boy do we need it. Some moms even came from across the country to partake in the festivities!  The theme was “Black Friday.” All moms were asked to dress in all black and wear their most creative and colorful shoes.

We reserved a private room at a restaurant and decorated it with our moms in mind. One of our doctor mamas used her baking talent to make us all yummy cookies!

The Mom Ditch Day planning committee worked hard for weeks to pull this day together.

As all the moms entered the restaurant, the committee bombarded them to get their individual pictures on the “red carpet” and we cheered them on as they presented their shoes! Here are a few of the pics:

Our bump mamas were glowing and EXTRA flyy!

Now on to the fun and games! After we enjoyed a delicious meal from this fabulous Tapas restaurant, indulged in the most FABULOUS cocktails, and played an interactive Bingo game, we opened the runway for the shoe contest! One by one, mamas modeled their creative shoes and walked their walk!

Here are some of our favorite ensembles!

Yesss, down below, them is bloody shoes, hunney!

Here were our contest winners!

First place:

Second place:

As parting gifts, one of our mamas donated these wonderful NARS makeup products! Our mamas swooned and drooled over these fabulous gifts…because!

As we wrapped up, we said our final goodbyes! Most of us didn’t know each other before our group was created. But we are all new besties. Our mom group is a beautiful thing and we love to celebrate each other!

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