Moms Making Moves: Founder of Brownskinbeautiful!

Who is Ebony?

Known for her flawless brown skin, chic fashion and hair that never sleeps, MielleOrganics model Ebony Jamison tackles motherhood while giving us life as a beauty, lifestyle, and fashion content creator. She is the founder of Brownskinbeautiful!

Wearing multiple hats as a daughter, wife, and mother of two, Ebony makes life look seamless as she balances the happy rigors of parenting and home-life with the trendy world of beauty and fashion. With children five years apart, she finds herself engaged in endless birthday parties, helping with homework, and engrossed in children’s activities around the clock.

Ebony has always had a special interest in hair and beauty products and loved to engage these subjects with friends and peers. As she frequently tried edgy styles and experimented with new looks, she was used to hearing questions like, “How did you style your hair like that?” and “Can you show me your makeup secrets?” and “What kind of product works best on my skin?

Ebony loved to share her beauty advice with others and found herself always giving tips about how to stay fabulous! She spoke often about her hairstyles, skincare regimens and makeup hacks to answer some of her most asked questions. She encouraged others to experiment on their own and try the products she frequently used. She enjoyed being in this space and decided to venture further into an area that she naturally excelled in.

Brownskinbeautiful takes off

As Ebony tackled motherhood with her two children, she also had a burning desire to tap into something that allowed her to recharge her own identify. She knew that she wanted to still be FLY, but finding the time to do that was becoming increasingly taxing.

In March of 2016, Ebony launched Brownskinbeautiful to showcase the many ways she styled her natural hair and to share these tips with her followers via blogging and vlogging. More importantly, she created the site to hold herself accountable for carving out the space she needed to grow into her other interests. As she moved further into blogging and vlogging she knew she was in the right place and decided to take it to the next level.

“Allow me to reintroduce myself”

Brownskinbeautiful quickly became a positive and fulfilling outlet for Ebony as she continued to balance motherhood while pursuing the interests she loved. The space was something that she curated just for her and it was also a perfect time to reinvent “Ebony!” Not daughter, mom or wife. But her own identity. Brownskinbeautiful was in fact the relaunch of Ebony!

When blogging becomes a lifestyle

As motherhood, home-life and career all sat at the top of Ebony’s priority list, she often struggled with finding the time to actually film videos and write blogs. There were also periods in which finding content became a bit of a challenge. To expand her focus area, Ebony decided to diversify her content by turning Brownskinbeautiful into a full blogging site in 2017.

The expansion took away the limitations of trying to focus solely on hair-related content and gave her the flexibility to feature creative content in other areas. Without the boundaries, she was now able to incorporate some of her everyday life happenings into her blog posts and share her other interests. From recipes she makes for her family, to inspirational educational pieces…even to fun activities she does at home with the kids, Ebony graces her followers with a wide variety of new content each month.

A new definition of “Mom Fashion”

One of her new focus areas is fashion. A while back, Ebony realized she was the epitome of classic “Mom Fashion” (no shade) and wanted to step up her game. She decided she was NOT going to fade into an unfashionable black hole and become irreversibly complacent with typical leggings, sweatshirt and sneaker attire. No ma’am! This mom was NOT about that life and became extra determined to partake in the trendy world of fashion she so dearly loved.

Adding a regular fashion column on her site was the answer to this challenge, as it keeps her fashion-forward and forces her to stay on her toes. The fashion blogging space also allows Ebony to explore new looks and show fellow moms there is fashion life after motherhood.

“Although I might not walk out of my home looking like I’m about to hit a runway, I can walk out looking like I’m about to slay at brunch, with my shades on!”

She’s about the business

In December 2016 Ebony was selected to work with MielleOrganics in 2017 for their campaigns and releases. She was a part of an ad for the CVS in-store launch and the Mongongo Oil Collection, where she was featured in Black Hair Mag and Hype Hair Magazine.

Ebony has also had an opportunity to represent and work with a few other brands like IMAN Cosmetics, Edenbodyworks, Private Stock Hair, BeeMine Organics, FingerComber Hair, Lottabody and most recently ABCMouse, Shein and DiellaDesigns Fashion.

Ebony enjoys partnering with the brands and products that she loves and believes in. She finds inspiration in collaborating with and learning from others in these spaces. She is also a contributor at Sassy Plum and graces our readers with her fabulous hair techniques.

Sprinting into action

As if Ebony isn’t amazing enough, she has even more talents! Ever since childhood, Ebony has been a runner! She ran in high school, college and right on through motherhood. Occasionally, she even jumps in 5K and 10-mile races with her husband to be a fast-sprinting duo! She also likes to exercise regularly and enjoys blogging about how moms can incorporate their children in their workout routines.

She’s got #Goals

In the near future, Ebony’s goals are to continue to grow her brand and following, and to start hosting beauty-related events on her own. With nearly 10,000 IG followers, her fans are always waiting to see what she is up to. What new hair style will she grace them with? What outfit will she slay next?

You too can follow Ebony and keep up with her amazing journey!


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