What to Wear Wednesdays: Siren!

What comes to mind when you hear the word SIREN? An alarm? Fire trucks? A fascinating woman? I couldn’t help but think of “fire engine red” when writing about this coat.

You may have seen me wearing it in my recent blog I Want S’more on 1/2/18. My friend and I ventured out to The Park at Wrigley to the Christkindlmarket. We ate chimney cakes and sipped hot cocoa to keep us warm.

Anyway, back to the coat! I LOVE coats and more than that I LOVE details so I knew the coat was deserving of its own blog post!

I happened upon this beauty, about two week’s ago, while walking into Banana Republic to use a birthday reward. When I saw it, be still my heart; I knew I had to have it. Even better, the coat, which was originally $398, was on super sale and in the end I got it for $45+ tax!! I know, unbelievable right?! It had been marked down to $167, then it was an additional 50% off, then I got an additional 10% off using my store card and finally had my $15 reward. That’s not all, the day after Christmas, they had ads for 60% off of clearance so I headed back in and got a refund of about $15 bringing my total to $45!

Sadly, this coat is sold out online, I checked as I planned on linking it here. However, check your local Banana Republic stores, you’ll end up with a better deal anyway!!

Coat: Olivia Palermo for Banana Republic, current season

Hat: House of Saintcyr

Pants: Banana Republic, past season

Necklace: Nordstrom Rack

Clutch: past season, purchased from a vendor at the Ann Arbor Art Fair

Special thanks to my friend Ebony for collaborating with me on these shots!! As always, thanks for following and be well!!

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