10 Types of Mom Friends Every Mama Needs!

There are girlfriends, and then there are mama friends who just get it on a whole “nother” level!

If you’re a mom, the chances are really high that you have a least one mama friend that:

  1. Offers you wine. Whether it’s a bad day, or really just any reason to toast, she’s there with the perfect solution each time! White wine, red wine, bubbly…it really doesn’t matter because it’s the offer the counts! #allwinematters
  2. Stays on ready! Now we don’t condone fighting or confrontation, but she’s there in spirit to back you all the way up. Someone mess with you? Ready. Someone insult your parenting abilities? Ready. Someone make you have a bad day, READY!
  3. Lets you cry on her shoulder. She listens to your problems for hours without judgement and may even cry with you. She shares your pain, and helps you see the light at the end of the tunnel.
  4. Understands your stress and chaos. She gets the massive confusion in your life and is happy working around it. She even helps you come up with organizational tips to get your entire life together!
  5. Allows you to vent at all hours of the night. It doesn’t matter what time you call or text, she is on standby and always available to lend an ear!
  6. Keeps it real. There’s no sugar-coating with this mama, she is direct and to the point! You will never have to wonder where she really stands on anything because she is always honest, even when it stings!
  7. Tells you when you’re wrong. This mama lets you know when you need to apologize to someone or change your ways….always said with realness, but with love. In other words, she keeps you in check!
  8. Is there in your darkest hour. She walks with you through your valley, prays with you, and comforts you when you need a friend the most.
  9. Lets you talk ish about life. She listens to your rants and eggs you on in your moment. She hypes you up and validates your every word.
  10. Builds you up and makes you feel like you’ve won the Mother of the Year award each and every day! She’s always in your corner, she’s your biggest cheerleader.

Many of our closest mom friends are many of these wrapped in one!

Tag a mom if you can relate!

Photo credit Dr. Kiarra King

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