Parenting News This Week: Girl Scouts and Weed, North West’s New Baby Cousin, Olympic Shenanigans and Flu Times 2

This week’s parenting news takes a look at the new Kardashian-Jenner baby name, a Girl Scout who sells cookies over by the weed house and why you should watch Olympics with your kids. Also, Facebook Messenger has an app for kids and beware the flu times two.

Girl Scout Hits Paydirt By Selling Cookies Outside Weed Dispensary

Talk about smart! This little girl sold 300 boxes of Girl Scout cookies by setting up shop outside a place that sells weed. Perfect timing for the pre-munchies! She sold the cookies in three hours flat. Now, she might have violated some Scouting rules by selling in this manner but, are we really mad at her for this?

She had the cookies in a wagon and patrolled the doors. This was at a dispensary named Urbn Leaf in San Diego, of course. Peep the IG post below.



Say Yes To Screen time: The Olympics Make For Great TV

Get your popcorn ready, the 2018 Winter Olympics are here! Starting tonight, Feb. 9, you can watch the opening ceremony with your children. This is a superior opportunity to expose the kids to different cultures, and to work with them on identifying the flags of every nation in the world. To prep for this moment, my son’s kindergarten class has been coloring flags from a number of nations, though this last week they have focused on South and Central America. It has provided an excellent opportunity to talk about where our friends, family and teachers come from. Also, this year’s AFAM contingent to the U.S. team is pretty striking. Prep yourself for family discussion on diversity at the Olympics by reading this piece at Think Progress.

Here are my top 5 sports to watch with kids.

  1. It’s super cool and yes, for all genders.
  2. Figure skating. Check out the couples skates to give kids ideas on how teams work together on ice. Then? Go ice skating together.
  3. Alpine Skiing. It’s fast. Kids can get a kick out of it and hey, why not take them skiing if you live reasonably close to an area where you can ski?
  4. Always entertaining. Ask the kids to watch it for a bit and then ask which part of the body has to be super strong in order for the luge to get the best startup speed.
  5. Because we will win the gold in this, we should watch it.


Flu Strain B On The Rise: Yes, You Can Get It Twice

Did you already make it past Flu strain A? Great! Now get ready for B and everything else. You can get it twice. Docs still recommend the flu shot, but again, totally up to you if you choose to do so. Or not. Most important is to watch the kids because flu symptoms can sneak up on you. Folks with asthma, cystic fibrosis and other immune issues should be extra, extra, super duper careful. Mine have asthma, so I was checking on their breathing every hour at the worst of the fevers – even overnight.

This New York Times piece offers solid advice on how to know when to take that baby or toddler to the hospital. Trust your mom gut. Trust your dad gut. We are always right.

Arkansas has been hit particularly bad by the flu season. Yall alright out there?

Nothing can stop the flu, but many moms swear by boosting the immune system with the following fresh foods:

  • Fresh (not dried) garlic sprinkled over everything
  • Hot lemon water and honey every morning and afternoon
  • Cod Liver oil (a spoonful daily)
  • Elderberry syrup or drops
  • Extra zinc (though zinc can sometimes make your tummy hurt…)

Quick Hits

North, Saint and Chicago have a new first cousin, Stormi

Kylie Jenner finally had her baby, Stormi. One of the youngest of the Kardashian clan, a lot of people thought she was big sister Kim Kardashian’s surrogate but they were wrong. Jenner, in an IG post, said she didn’t prance about during pregnancy because she finally wanted to keep something to herself. She also said she didn’t want to stress out her baby. No matter what you think of the Jenner-Kardashian family, not stressing out the baby in utero is always a great idea.

Did you know that Facebook has a Messenger Kids App? Well, not everyone is happy about that

Parents are in a tizzy that Mark Zuckerburg is targeting kids under 13 via this kids messenger app. Facebook, however, says that the app is totally controlled by parents and that all GIFs are age appropriate. Also, messages can’t be hidden or deleted and the kids can only message folks that the parents approve of. If you have thoughts on this, chime in on our Facebook page.


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