Sassy Plum Team

The Sassy Plum Team Has A VERY Sassy Photo Shoot!


The Sassy Plum Team Photo Shoot!

Yes, we rock yoga pants, sweatpants, and whatever random and strange combination we may pull out of our closets. HOWEVER, when duty calls, we know how to get cute and glam it up! Yesss! Check out Sassy Plum’s photo shoot!

Coming To The Stage Is Mrs. Sassy Adriennegibbs!

Next Up Is The Ultimate Mrs. SassyK!

Mrs. KimSassy Cannot Be Outdone!

Mrs. Sassymeg Is In. The. Building!

The Sassy Plum Team Has None-stop Laughs!

…And The Latest Mom Talk, Of Course

Special thanks to our photographer Mrs. Ebony J from BrownSkinBeautiful!