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I'm a stay at home mom of three kids 4 and under, and all I ever want is a good nap. My goals in life are to love my husband forever, raise fantastic human beings, support and love on other moms, and occasionally take my own advice.

New Lunch Time Fave! Have you tried this before?


I. Stay. Hungry.

For real, I STAY hungry. Hungry, hangry, all of that. I’m rolling into my third trimester with baby number 4 and my food aversions have somewhat returned, only now I’m averted to the things I actually still like to eat. Yes, I realize that doesn’t make any sense. I’m pregnant and losing it. Just go with me here.

For some reason I want to eat my favorite foods, but I can’t unless I prepare them differently. That’s the only way they’ll be appetizing to me. I’ve been at a loss lately for new twists on old favorites, but today I struck gold.

I was trying to decide what to make my 2 and 4 year olds for lunch and, as usual, trying to convince myself that I’d figure out something decent to eat for myself. That’s when I overheard the kids’ Leapfrog cooking game mention grilled PB&J. I began salivating instantly at the thought of a childhood favorite in grilled form on my “good bread” (read: the bread the kids can’t have because they’ll waste it).

I had everything I needed at home: grape jelly, bread, butter and almond butter– we don’t use peanut butter because my 5 year old is allergic to peanuts. I made a PB&J for myself with my favorite Sarah Lee Artesano bread. Let me tell you, this bread is phenomenal. It’s thick, soft, and perfect for grown up grilled cheese and French toast. There’s a wheat version too!

I made another sandwich on the kids’ sandwich bread for the littles to split. I spread a little butter on the outside of the bread and cooked it on both sides. If you don’t care for butter then margarine, olive oil or whatever you like is just fine.

Have you had a grilled PB&J before? Let us know if you try it out!


The trouble with Santa… Should I let my kids believe?


My husband and I grew up believing in Santa. In my home, my parents let us believe until about 3rd grade or so. I remember the excitement of Santa; writing a letter to ask for the toys I wanted (knowing that I’d get some things but not all and being ok with that), baking cookies for him, and seeing his bite marks the next morning along with the gifts he left for my brother and I. How’d he do it? What time did he come? Were there really reindeer on my roof?!?!

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Quick, Healthy Recipe: Thai Curry Vegetable Soup


This recipe was first shared with me about two and a half years ago by a friend who, like me, likes to have healthy, easy weekday dinner options that are low fat and low sodium. This Thai Curry noodle soup is light yet filling, and it’s a meal you’ll feel good about eating. 

If you’re looking to save time (ok, who isn’t?), prep your veggies and garnishes ahead of time. 

Another easy time saver: instead of grating fresh ginger, you can use ginger paste. It’s sold in a little squeezeable bottle in your fresh produce section. I sub with this all the time and it works great!

Check out the finished product! Click here for the original recipe and let us know how you like it! 


Trick or Treat! Halloween Safety Tips for Every Family 


Halloween is here! We know how much you want to keep your kids  (and your fur babies) safe on this sometimes scary night, so here are the best safety tips we could find all in one place! From costumes to crosswalks to pets, these links are all you need to help you check off any last minute boxes and have a fun and safe Halloween.

American Academy of Pediatrics 

Pet Safety

CDC Tips 

Mayo Clinic



US Food & Drug Administration  

Tips for Teens from Seventeen

Teens and Tweens 

Be safe this year!


Learn to cook PERFECT Salmon with this quick and easy recipe 


We eat salmon quite often in our home. I struggled for a few years trying to get it right. I would cook a great filet on occasion, but for the most part I ended up with fish that was either too dry or too soft in the center. It was frustrating to say the least. 

About five years ago I became a certified Pinterest fanatic. One wonderfully wormhole-y afternoon I was pinning away when I came across a post from Pioneer Woman. Changed. The. Game. Since I tried her technique I’ve never ended up with anything other than a beautiful, moist, flaky, perfectly cooked filet of salmon. I’ll walk you through it. 

Wash, season drizzle, bake. 

Rinse off a 1lb salmon filet. Some like to pat it dry. Place the salmon on a foil or parchment lined pan and season. I use a little seasoned salt (go easy guys, we don’t want too much sodium!), black pepper, and a healthy coating of garlic powder, not garlic salt. Drizzle your filet with extra virgin olive oil and you’re ready to go.

MAJOR KEY: don’t preheat the oven!!! 

Place your pan into a cool oven. This is the key to perfection. Turn the oven to 400 and bake for 25 minutes. If your filet is very thick it may need a few extra minutes. If it’s several pounds and pretty long, I suggest slicing it into a few different pieces before prepping it for the oven to ensure that it cooks evenly. 

*tip: Use your nose! Check on the fish when you start to smell it. If you see a little bubbly white foam on top it’s likely ready. I normally use farm raised salmon, which is thicker and a little less lean. For wild caught salmon, 20 minutes may be enough. 

Sauces – Glazes – Marinades

For a little extra flair and flavor, try brushing a marinade on top of your salmon before baking. This time I used a Kroger brand sweet and spicy chili sauce (not at all spicy). I’ve also used sriracha and honey, barbecue sauce, honey and lemon, lemon butter with herbs, Parmesan and panko crumb crust, and my all time favorite, Stonewall Kitchen’s Jamaican Jerk Sauce (a little bit goes a long way!).  

If you’re looking to make dinner even easier, add a foil pack of crunchy veggies to the pan. Season and drizzle them just like the salmon, wrap them in foil and voilá: a whole meal in 25 minutes! My meal features broccolini. Asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, carrots, peppers and onions, and zucchini are other healthy and tasty options. 

Give this super easy method a try, then tell us how it turned out! 


Party Inspiration: A Whimsical Hot Air Balloon Ride 


I love parties. 

No seriously. I like LOVE parties. Decorations, crafting, desserts, outfits… I love it all. There are few things I prefer to do over party planning. That said, although we don’t have birthday parties every year for our kids their first birthday is always one we celebrate. When my youngest child and only daughter turned one I was completely over the moon about the opportunity to throw her a little girl’s party! Here’s what I did to create a fun and whimsical hot air balloon inspired birthday for my baby girl, Koko. 

 My Inspiration: this adorable dress from Screaming Owl

Initially I wanted to do a carousel theme for this party, but when I saw this dress in the same color scheme I wanted I was sold. Sparkly gold with purple, pink, and blue over a rich, creamy white made for an absolutely delicious little birthday dress. 
Every Princess needs a Crown

I found this crown on Etsy, THE place to find cool, crafty items you don’t have time to make. Lovecrushcrowns has a huge selection of styles, sizes and options for customization. This shop gives you exactly what you want; size, colors, even sparkly numbers. The crown I chose had a mermaid effect, with sweeping strokes of gold over real lace. I chose lavender flowers to match the dress, and added a gold glittered “1.”

Crafty Decor 

What’s a hot air balloon party without a balloon ride photo op? Big basket, doll stuffing clouds, blue blanket, balloons, BOOM.The kids had a great time posing for pics inside the basket. 

These mini hot air balloons were truly a labor of love. I used small lanterns from Oriental Trading Co., glittery washi tape, kraft snack cups, twine, a burlap and lace ribbon, and my hot glue gun to create these sweet little things. I hung them all over the room using Stretch Magic jewelry cord. I made gifts for our guests using dollar store buckets, stuffed animals wearing mini tiara hair combs, and some healthy snacks and treats. I used glittery stickers for each girl’s first initial. 

The room turned out lovely! Check out the banner, available on Etsy by PartyLemonade.

Simple Snacks 

We decided to keep it simple with cupcakes and finger foods for our guests. The typical go-to is pizza, but I didn’t want to risk staining baby girl’s dress 😉

Kisses from Daddy, a favorite snack, and a room full of friends make one Happy Birthday Baby!


Top This! How to Completely FAIL at Summer: a Step-By-Step Guide


I was doing really good today. Great even. I was momming the crap out of today and earning serious Fun Mommy points. Then it all went to *insert poop emoji.* Literally. Here’s how I managed to accomplish my latest fail. 
Step 1: Fill a storage container with water. 

Do your kids love water play in the summer? Of course they do!! Fill a container and let them splash in it. Give them cups, strainers and floating toys to play with. Then let them climb inside and completely soak their clothes. For best results ensure that at least one kid is in diapers. What’s the big deal anyway? How bad could it get? 

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Breastfeeding In Public with Nursingwear Is Stylish & Easy!


nursing breastfeeding

When I breastfed my babies I always covered up. I’m not as brave or body-positive as my mom friends that don’t care who sees or stares. For the most part I used a muslin blanket or nursing cover (get these discounted or FREE with coupon codes, just sign up for emails!). But which way is the best way to go? Let loose or cover up?

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The Weekly Wine Down Returns with Sparkling Ciders!


Beverage, anyone?

I don’t know about you but this week didn’t start so well for me. As I struggled to fight off a terrible cold, life continued at lightning speed around me. Between this cold, a teething 14 month old and two rambunctious preschool boys with two different classroom parties,  I am in need of some serious relaxation this weekend. Luckily I found a sparkling remedy for bringing my stressed-out week to a close: $9.99 custom 6 pack ciders.

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Curly Kid Hair Hacks! 8 Tips For Toddler Natural Hair Care


Got curls?

Raise your hand if you’ve got a curly kid on your hands!!!

We know that hair care can be rough in general, but there’s no challenge like a tiny head full of curls that need lots of tender love and care. While there are tons more products available to wash, style and maintain natural hair today than there were a decade ago, the world of natural hair care can still be difficult to navigate. 

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Against Candy Pushers: Parents Fight For Healthy Checkout


Healthy checkout? Are changes needed?

Do your kids drive you nuts at the grocery store?

Are you at your wit’s end by the time you reach the checkout counter?

Is the candy and junk food loaded checkout lane the breaking point for your kids mega-meltdowns and your sanity?

healthy checkout
Are healthy checkout options ideal?
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I Totally Wowed with This Budget-Friendly Birthday!


Birthday parties are so much fun! Decorations, super cute themes, games, cake and children screaming for hours! Maybe not the screaming part, but hey, that’s what wine is for. Birthday parties are great, but I must admit that I don’t love attending birthday parties as much as planning them. It can be stressful, time-consuming and expensive (not to mention not altogether necessary), so it’s not something I do for every birthday. This year I threw a fun classroom party for under $80 with just a little elbow grease and several items I already had at home.

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No Overspending! Budgeting the Holidays Like a Boss



Budgets, Shopping, Sanity…..OH MY!

Well Mamas, it’s here. It’s that wonderful time of the year when life becomes a whirlwind of winter recitals, weekend gift shopping and holiday parties. Want to know how to survive this holiday season without losing your mind or blowing your budget into oblivion? Fear not, Sassy Mamas. We’re here to get you through the holidays with tips that will help you win major holiday points, all while maintaining your sanity and savings.

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