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SP Turns 1! A Few Great Reads And Posts Over The Year!


Can you believe it’s been a year since we’ve began this journey? It’s gone by so fast and we have learned so much from each other! Blogging is a great way to share information with our mama community based on our individual and collective experiences. From stay-at-home moms, to working moms, to many other stories along the way, we try to bring you a collection of voices that sing motherhood in many tunes. We hope you stick around because our voices are growing, and the best is yet to come!

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New Sassy Blogger Alert: Mother, Doctor, Singer, Writer!


Hey y’all, it’s Dr. Wendy Goodall McDonald here! I am a board certified Obstetrician Gynecologist in practice in Chicago. My hospital affiliation is with Prentice Women’s Hospital, but I am a partner in a private practice.

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Quick, Healthy Recipe: Thai Curry Vegetable Soup


This recipe was first shared with me about two and a half years ago by a friend who, like me, likes to have healthy, easy weekday dinner options that are low fat and low sodium. This Thai Curry noodle soup is light yet filling, and it’s a meal you’ll feel good about eating. 

If you’re looking to save time (ok, who isn’t?), prep your veggies and garnishes ahead of time. 

Another easy time saver: instead of grating fresh ginger, you can use ginger paste. It’s sold in a little squeezeable bottle in your fresh produce section. I sub with this all the time and it works great!

Check out the finished product! Click here for the original recipe and let us know how you like it! 


Black Friday Came Early: A Mom Ditch Day Party!


Welcome to Mom Ditch Day, where moms take a break from it all to celebrate ourselves!

Three years ago I started a mom group on Facebook. It wasn’t just any Facebook group, but a group that would be carefully crafted and tailored to moms that were the upmost supportive on all of our motherhood journeys.

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Halloween Lessons Learned

Wiped Out: BrownBaby#1 trick-or-treated himself into a passed out stupor on Halloween. Time to break out the wine! Image copyrighted by Adrienne Gibbs. Permission required for all reprints.

I’ve been doing Halloween my entire life, but now that I have two kids it’s taken on a whole new angle. When I had one kid, and he was a toddler, Halloween was simply dressing him up and answering the door. Maybe we went by the neighbors to introduce him to the idea of saying “trick or treat.” When that Brown Baby 1 turned four, it got more serious. We were invited to go trick or treating with a bunch of other kids, and that was my first experience with the mom wagon, the beers, the drinks, the parents passing out flasks of wine and stopping at Starbucks to use the bathroom and regroup.

But now I have two and BrownBaby2 is just about two and not quite old enough to be out and about in a 27-degree Halloween situation. My oldest is five. I live in Chicago. Trick or treating ends at 7 p.m., per the laws of my particular South Side neighborhood. Last year we only were able to trick or treat for about 45 minutes because of the location I drove to and because I went to work and had to fight traffic to get back home in time. So this year I got hip. I took the day off of work so I could do all the Halloween things and you know what? I STILL ran out of time!

I’m also exhausted.

Hopefully you all aren’t wiped out like I am. But if you are, here are my newly-learned Halloween-with-two-kids-under-six Halloween lessons, or tips.

  1. Take the day off work or try to take a half day. Get up early and get ready. No sleeping in.
  2. Prep Halloween dinner two days before the big day or cook Halloween dinner before lunchtime and set it up.
  3. Don’t be like me and wait until Halloween to buy candy. *runs and hides * Thank goodness there’s a Sam’s Club near me.
  4. If you take the kids by your office or your partner’s office, do it early, like at 2 or 3. That way, you can trick-or-treat at 4.
  5. If you do go with a group, try to keep it within walking distance of your own home. I’m no longer going to try to drag little bitty kids to blocks where we have no respite from the cold, no bathroom and nowhere to change a diaper.
  6. If it’s too cold for your baby/toddler, then split duties and have one person stay home and the other go out with the oldest.
  7. Carry band-aids. Whew. All the kids I saw who fell face first on concrete steps was appalling.
  8. You might need help if you want to trick-or-treat and pass out candy at your own home. Enlist a cousin or a babysitter. Several of my neighbors use their nannies for this purpose, plus the nanny watches the smallest kids. I don’t have a nanny, so my husband got off work a half hour early to pass out candy/watch our house.
  9. Bring juice boxes and healthy snacks for your kids to eat and keep said snacks in the wagon that you will inevitably use to cart them back home because they will be pooped.
  10. Go with furry, head-to-toe suits if in a cold weather climate. And stuff the suit with layers of t-shirts and sweatshirts and long underwear. It’s warmer that way.
  11. Always carry a thermos full of hot tea and whiskey or hot tea and rum. Or… coffee and Bailey’s Irish Cream. Again, it’s warmer that way.

Here’s to a bigger better Halloween next year.  Meanwhile, drop your top tips below for things you plan to do differently next year. Only 365 days to go….


Trick or Treat! Halloween Safety Tips for Every Family 


Halloween is here! We know how much you want to keep your kids  (and your fur babies) safe on this sometimes scary night, so here are the best safety tips we could find all in one place! From costumes to crosswalks to pets, these links are all you need to help you check off any last minute boxes and have a fun and safe Halloween.

American Academy of Pediatrics 

Pet Safety

CDC Tips 

Mayo Clinic



US Food & Drug Administration  

Tips for Teens from Seventeen

Teens and Tweens 

Be safe this year!


How To Avoid The Common Money Mistakes Moms Make

(Isaac with his first piggy bank at 2 weeks old.)

In this space I typically talk about my tits and such, but today I want to talk about money since I’m a financial coach in real life. Having been in financial services for the past 16 years, I’ve seen women make easily preventable mistakes with their money, including myself. Now, as a mom and wife, the stakes are higher. If I fail financially then my family will likely fail too.

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Tired Mommy Diagnosis: “Ya Doing Too Much” Syndrome

Do you ever have days when you feel like you are going to mentally explode?  Where the to-do list is so daunting you become paralyzed with inaction? You may not be able to place your finger on the exact term to describe it but I have found one: YaDoinTooMuch Syndrome. It disproportionately affects moms because of our super human powers to keep multiple balls in the air, but even the greatest super heroes have their moments of weakness.

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Swoon Alert: New Cartoon Focuses On Black Dad Doing His Baby Girl’s Hair

Stephen and Zuri in “Hair Love.” Art created by illustrator Vashti Harrison.





This story first appeared in Forbes and is reprinted with permission of the author.

The concept behind a Pixar-style animated short about a 4-year-old named Zuri and her dad, Stephen, is so popular that the internet funded a $284,000 Kickstarter campaign helmed by NFL wide receiver-turned-filmmaker Matthew A. Cherry. In fact, “Hair Love”–the story of a black dad who does his daughter’s hair, for the first time, because mom is away for the day–is so overwhelmingly embraced that Cherry is now literally turning away funds.

“It’s one thing where you wanna say ‘yes,’ but at this point it’s closed off,” says Cherry, whose film should release by August 2018. “We may try to continue to find a way to get people involved if they want to be. But right now we’d say no, which is essentially a weird thing to say. It’s a very strange thing to even say.”

People are excited about this short film, myself included. It’s because the still drawings already provide a glimpse into strong family bonds and the nostalgia behind something every little girl can relate to: Their dad (or granddad, or uncle, or brother) doing their hair. And because Cherry’s film is showcasing a strong black father who wears his own hair in ‘locs and loves his little brown-skinned, Afro’d daughter, the concept is even more personal. That’s because mainstream films don’t often showcase the love between black fathers and daughters. And, mainstream films don’t often showcase happy, smiley, well cared for and much loved darker brown-skinned children at all.

“I think it comes down to this,” says Cherry, whose film resume includes several music videos and “The Last Fall,” which premiered at SXSW in 2012 and took home a Best Screenplay award from the American Black Film Festival. “Our biggest goal and task, in these times, is to normalize black people, you know? I think that’s the biggest weapon our artists in these times can bring to the table . It’s all about humanizing us. Representation matters. We’re saying that I need you to know that I’m a fully realized human being. I am a son. I am a daughter. I am a mother.”

Cherry goes on.

Meet Zuri, the new star of “Hair Love.” Some Kickstarter contributors will snag a Zuri doll.

“This wasn’t created to rock the boat, but with ‘Hair Love’ it’s important because we’re normalizing our hair, black fathers and black daughters,” says Cherry. “We’re normalizing things that you don’t (see normalized) in mainstream media.”

Some people might say that black dads aren’t shown as such in mainstream media because they are largely absent, but those naysayers would be wrong. As was pointed out in this article on parenting site Sassy Plum, and by various studies and multitudes upon multitudes of personal experiences, compared to dads of other races, black dads are just as if not more involved in the lives of their children.

“Unfamiliarity and lack of understanding begets frustration and negative assumptions towards black men,” writes the author, who also refers to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention figures that showcase black men are extremely involved fathers.


Why Being An Aunt Is More Magical Than Being A Mom!


I’ve been a mom, like forever. I can hardly even remember when I wasn’t a mom. Don’t get me wrong, parenthood is amazing, stressful, glorious, exhausting, joyous, and infuriating all rolled up in one chaotic ball. But did I mention, it’s amazing? And guess what is doubly amazing….becoming an aunt!

I had no idea that becoming an aunt was something magical that is nothing like motherhood! I recently became the proud aunt of twin boys and I am over the moon! Why didn’t you all tell me it was this awesome? You’ve been holding out on a sista!

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