Why Moms Should Date Their Mommy Friends

The contributors of Sassy Plum enjoy a “Mom’s Night Out!”

My mommy friends can wine and dine me, honey!

We don’t get out often, can’t you tell? We’ve been drifting in this thing called motherhood for a while now, some of us longer than others, and we get a little too excited when we get to pop out on the town. Why? Because of life, kids, motherhood…did I mention life? Getting in a quick date during the week after a long day of work can be a great way to break up the monotony. Weekends are even better! But rest assured, when we do get out we have a ball! And this is why moms should date their mommy friends.

Invite your mommy friends on a date!

Don’t get me wrong, date night’s with the hubby or SO are sometimes just what the doctor ordered. There is nothing like finding a sitter to hit the town with your boo and live it up. But hanging with my mommy friends brings on a different type of fun that we are all in need of too! For most of us, the girlfriend scene has changed drastically and we don’t get to party, socialize or do the fun girl stuff we used to do in our prime. Finding time to bond and hang with each other is so refreshing because we get each other!Related: Balancing Motherhood And Self-Care

6 Reasons why mommy friends should date each other

  1. We get each other. Hanging out with our kid-less friends from yester-years is special in its on right. But hanging out with other mommies that are currently in-the-trenches with you RIGHT NOW feels amazing. We all know we are on the clock (mommying is due to pick back up in a couple hours), and we are all equally as thrilled to have stolen a few moments away. The beginning of our date usually starts off by sharing how happy we are to have gotten away and what we left behind!
  2. Everyone needs a break from kids. Everyone. When you eat, sleep and breathe children 24/7, even the toughest mom can get stressed and in-need of some adult time. It feels really good to sit back, relax, and not have to worry about the kids pulling on you. It’s wonderful to enjoy a savory dish and order a fantastic drink without jumping up repeatedly to take your child to the bathroom, pick up the sugar packets they threw across the table, or struggle to have an adult conversation above kid babble and chatter.
  3. It’s just like speed dating, only better. You’d be surprised at how many topics we can cover and switch to in a matter of minutes because….time is of the essence. We can talk about 100 topics, going a mile-a minute, weaving in and out of all sorts of subjects… motherhood, marriage, friendships, shopping, hair, back to motherhood…
  4. The laughter doesn’t end. When is the last time you had a good laugh? Like the kind with tears steaming down your cheeks? Mommy friends will do it for you! Get a group of women together who are happy to be out, add that with a little wine, and the laughter will be non-stop! Most of the time we are laughing at ourselves!
  5. We enjoy wine. Well duh, what’s a proper date without wine? The vino will never disappoint! We always pick a spot that has a good wine flight, peach sangria, or sometimes we just buy an entire bottle of…. whatever!
  6. We go back home satisfied. Having wined and dined each other, we can pick up on mommying like we never missed a beat. Until next time mommy friends!
Mommy friends in Phoenix, AZ get together for a much needed date

All moms should date their mommy friends. Cheers to the best mommy dates ever!

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